About Us

Is your system acting in an unusual manner? Are you experiencing a slow PC? All this could happen when infections or malicious software get access to your computer without you knowing about it. Different types of infections such as malware, Trojans, viruses, etc. may enter your system and affect it. This could occur by clicking on a random link or ad which pops up while surfing the internet. An infection can also enter your system when you download a new software. The infection could be attached with the software file which you downloaded. The malicious software which enters your system can do all sorts of stuff on your PC. It can affect your web browser by changing its settings, delete your personal files, slow down your computer, etc.

What is “How To Remove it?”

How To Remove It? guides you to remove all types of malicious software from your system without affecting its functionality. We provide you information about all types of infections and how they affect your system. More importantly, we provide you the tools and the step by step guide for removing the infections.

How Do Our Tools Work?

The tools are developed in such a way that they easily identify the infection and remove it completely without affecting your personal files. They are very easy to use and provide solution in just a single click. All the tools are developed by experts and are thoroughly tested & researched by the R&D team. Whenever any new infection is found in the market, our R&D team quickly detects it & does a thorough research and then develops a tool for removing it.

Features of Our Tools

  • Don’t hamper or modify your files
  • No expert guidance is required
  • Very lightweight
  • Work extremely fast having minimal steps
  • Completely safe & secure to use
  • No remnant files are left behind in the PC
  • Completely ad-free
  • Free of cost with no hidden charges.

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