ATMs In India – Easy Target For The WannaCry Ransomware Attack?

Indian ATMs Running on Old Version of Windows Operating System.

Around 70% of Indian ATMs are still being operated on windows XP operating system which is old and outdates version of windows OS and can be easily hacked and infected by the cyber criminals.

As per the latest information amny ATMs in india has already been affected by the currently famous ransomware named WannaCry.

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India is one of the majorly targeted countries by the currently spreading wannacry ransomware because most of the institutions in India are still working on the outdated operating system of Microsoft windows i.e Windows XP , Windows server 2003 or Windows Vista which makes it prone to easily get infected by virus and ransomware.

According to reports, till now more than 102 computer systems were hacked and infected by wannacry ransomware in Andhra Pradesh Police Control Rooms. Many Files were deleted, leaked and corrupt.

This deadly ransomware infected over 20,000 institutions all over china stopping their working and affecting the work and production.

The Nissan-renault’s production in Chennai region was also affected because of this ransomware as it affected the computer systems of the company but the company has not yet confirmed about this thing.

Even the nation cyber security head of India said that over 100 systems were infected by this malicious ransomware but none of them has this virus anymore in the systems and also all the other systems are upgraded now to latest version of windows operating system.

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This dangerous ransomware is spreading by E-mails, Messenger, Direct links and much more ways and is named as WannaCry, WannaCrypt, Wannacrypto etc. If any user will click on these links or mails then this malicious virus or say ransomware will spread in the whole system within seconds and will lock the system, files and folders completely and then will ask for a ransom amount to give the admin rights and control back to the user.

The impact of this ransomware is till now seen on Microsoft windows only. Windows XP, Windows server 2003, Windows 7 and Windows 8 are more prone to this ransomware than windows 10.

To overcome this issue caused in Microsoft old version windows operating systems Microsoft released a patch which the user can download and install to safeguard their current windows operating system.

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