Dance Of The Hillary – A Hoax


A message is doing the rounds on whatsapp and other social media and via SMS after the wannacry ransomware began to infect all across the globe.
This message is all about a virus which is typically for mobiles and will infect the mobiles of the user if he/she will click on a link of “Dance Of The Hillary” then the link will infect the files and folders in the mobile will get corrupt or the mobile will get format or your data will be leaked etc.

Well Don’t panic and don’t believe in such hoax.

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People are spreading rumors just to create a panic condition, So all you have to do is be cool and calm and keep following How to remove it blog for latest updates.

So If you are receiving any whatsapp message or message via SMS or through other social platforms like shown in the picture below then relax and don’t believe in it.


A number of False reports are being spread on twitter and other social platforms with inappropriate information.

The message is circulating with a claim that the same news was announced on BBC radio also but don’t believe on things you have not heard. This warning is just a hoax and nothing else.

This is just a Rumor and people are passing fake and false information about computer virus and ransomware and giving false information will never help anybody.
So if anyone is sending you this type of message them that this is just a fake news or a hoax.

Well The WannaCry Ransomware is spreading throughout the world at a rapid rate.
Check out this list of Infections in various countries it has caused.

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