EveryDayLookup Toolbar Removal Guide

Everyday Lookup Toolbar is used to drive traffic to search engine which is full of advertisements or to drive traffic to its developer’s homepage. It is a browser extension which claims to find area/zip codes, phone numbers, addresses and other similar information. These are the fake promises which are given to the users, EveryDayLookup is a browser hijacker or you can say potentially unwanted program (PUP).


This browser hijacker alters the default search engine, homepage settings and the new tab URL. By modifying these settings and causing unwanted browser redirects, it decreases the performance of your system. They have tie ups with many third party companies, and they collect data for them and sell them in return for money. They produce traffic by displaying a lot of advertisements and infected pop-up links.

EveryDayLookup Removal Tool

Targeted browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer

How does it enter into your system?

Most of the toolbar use tricky moves to get into your system. They enter into your system without your consent. Once you install this program on your PC, it will immediately display a lot of annoying advertisements and infected pop-up links. If you see these changes in your browser, then you are infected with EveryDayLookup browser hijacker. It will redirect you to a website that has paid for positioning in EveryDayLookup search result and you will end up with infected websites or content which can be a threat to your PC. It will also slow down your operating speed and decrease your system’s performance. It is likely to be distributed, bundled along with other software. This browser hijacker can be uninstalled automatically with our special tool or you can remove it manually from your computer or web browser. Here are the steps given below, to show how to get rid from EveryDayLookup.

After effects:

  1. Tracks your sensitive information.
  2. Alters the browser settings.
  3. Adds an extension to your browser.
  4. System performance will decrease.
  5. Displays too many advertisements and pop-up links.
  6. Change of homepage and default search engine.

How to remove EveryDayLookup:

You can remove it using the given methods:

  1. Automatic: Remove EveryDayLookup using EveryDayLookup RemovalTool
  2. Manual: Remove EveryDayLookup RemovalTool manually.

 Scan your PC with:

  1. Download EveryDayLookup RemovalTool by clicking on the given link:
    EveryDayLookup RemovalTool
  2. As soon as you will open the downloaded file a security warning pop-up will appear as shown below, click on ‘Run’ button.
    You will not see this pop-up in Windows 10.

    Run Pop-Up
  3. Again a pop-up window will appear. Click on ‘Yes’.
  4. A setup window will appear. Click on ‘Next’ button to start the process of installation.
  5. Automatically it will detect and show the active threats present in your system.
  6. To remove all the threats which are detected, click on ‘Clean Now’.
    NOTE: If any browser are still running, close all the open browsers before proceeding.Removed
  7. A pop-up will show you all the infected files, folders and registry entries has been removed successfully.

How to remove EveryDayLookup manually?

chrome Google Chrome

Steps to removeEveryDayLookup’ from Google Chrome:

  1. Press  window key +R button on keyboard to open ‘Run’ box.
  2. In the Run box which appears, type this path: ‘%localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data‘.
  3. Search for Default folder and then Extensions
  4. Delete the folder that would be named somewhat like this: ‘fpeepicldbpmefboahpolegllmiglnai’
  5. Go back to Google Chrome.
  6. Now go to Menu > More Tools > Extensions.
  7. Delete the extension named ‘EveryDayLookup’.

mozilla Mozilla Firefox

Steps to remove ‘EveryDayLookup’ from Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Press  window key +R button on keyboard to open ‘Run’ box.
  2. In the Run box, type this path: ‘%appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles‘.
  3. Click on the folder with ‘.default’ appended in the folder name. For e.g.: ‘e6x5wbsb.default‘.
  4. In this folder, delete ‘search.json.mozlz4′.
  5. In the same folder, click on ‘Extensions’ folder and delete the file named _d9Members_@www.everydaylookup.com.
  6. Set your favorite homepage.
  7. Now restart your browser.

 IE Internet Explorer

Steps to remove ‘EveryDayLookup’ from Internet Explorer:

  1. Open Internet Explorer (IE).
  2. Go to Tools –> Click on Internet Options.
  3. From the listed tabs, click on ‘Advanced’ tab.
  4. Under ‘Reset Internet Explorer settings’ option, click on ‘Reset…’.
  5. Set the homepage of your choice.

EveryDayLookup Removal Tool

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