How To Avoid Ransomware Attack My Computer

A ransomware is a very old form of a malicious virus which can corrupt your whole system and take control over the admin rights of your system and in return will ask for a ransom amount to release your system and give you back the control of your file, folders and system.

Ransomware is spread via E-mails, Direct message via social sites, Giving malicious links, harmful pop-ups etc and this form of spreading is known as cybercrime and people who perform these actions are known as cyber criminals.


The current ransomware attack across the globe is considered to be one of the most dangerous ransomware attack ever done and it has till now affected more than 250,000 computers having windows operating system and over 150 countries majorly targeting China, India , Britain, Korea and Germany.

The main target of these cyber criminals is always Hospitals , Police authorities and other large scale institutions from where they can gain access to private data of customers and can leak the data or use the data for other personal use.

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To Keep your system safe from ransomware then Update Your Software.

Microsoft released a patch for security updates 8 week before the wannacry ransomware attack but still Microsoft’s operating system was hard hit by the ransomware because people didn’t downloaded and installed the patch released to update the security software which resulted in getting infected with the malicious ransomware whereas the users of Mac or other operating system were not infected as they were compelled to download and install the security updates and this proved to be the biggest drawback as there was a way available to protect the system from ransomware even before the attack was done but…..
Therefore it is always recommended to keep your system software updates to “automatically update when a new version is available” instead of “manual updates by user”.

Keep Antivirus Software in your system.

Always keep antivirus in your system even if you are keeping your system updated as with antivirus you can be full sure that your system’s security is not going to be compromised in case of any cyberattack on your system as more than 50% of antivirus are capable of detecting the ransomware or other malicious virus at early stages.

Don’t open anonymous Mails or links.

These ransomwares are mainly spread through E-Mails, Direct Links ,Pop ups. So it is always advised not to click on any anonymous link given in E-mails or not to click on any pop ups as they may give a free path to these malicious virus or ransomwares to enter in your system easily.

Always keep a backup of your data and a restore point.

It is a good thing to keep a backup of all your files and folders and make a restore point in case you need to restore your system if infected also in case you are infected by a ransomware and want to format your system to get rid of this virus then you can format your system as you already have a backup to get your imp data back.

Don’t get nervous and believe in fake news

As soon as the wannacry ransomware became a major hit all across the globe people started spreading fake news about a virus filled video link named Dance Of The Hillary which is made for mobile phones and if clicked will format your whole mobile phone without your permission but this is just a Hoax not real thing.
So always be calm and handle the situation nicely.

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