Latest Update On WannaCry Ransomware

Mssecvc.exe and Taskche.exe, the two forms of WannaCry ransomware which gets into your system once you click on any unknown or anonymous link sent to you via E-mail, Direct Message, Social Platform or by any other means. Once clicked on the link the ransomware gets into your system and within few seconds takes over your whole system and admin rights by hijacking your full system and its admin rights and then will ask for ransom in form of bitcoins and the amount asked by this ransomware is $3000.

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More than 25,000 institutions in China are affected till now because of this virus and the Indonesian government have appealed to their citizens to start upgrading their windows operating systems to the latest one because this ransomware attacks windows operating system easily and that too the systems running old and outdated OS.

This ransomware started on Friday by slowing down and denying the authorities to control the system of many NHS in England and Scotland and went on to hijack the systems of many districts of Andhra Pradesh Police Control Unit.

According to the reports this ransomware affected Microsoft based OS mainly and Apple’s OS are not attacked or say affected till now.

countries affected

A patch was released by Microsoft soon after this system and browser hijacking ransomware attacked and this was done as an emergency step to stop the users from getting in contact with this malicious and deadly virus.

The term ransomware came into existence almost 10years back and mostly like all the other computer threats, it came from Russia but this ransomware named wannacry is spreading all across the globe at a rapid rate and is very deadly for your system.

How to protect my PC from wannacry ransomware is the most asked and searched query in past few days on internet and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter but if this virus has already affected your PC then it is too late for you too search this because now there are just two ways to get back the access of your system, Either pay $3000 or the other way is of system restore(if you have admin rights with you by god’s grace) or format your system and install new windows or whatever OS you want to but if you are not affected till now then we are here to help you in every possible way.

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Well if you are infected with the wannacry ransomware or by some other ransomware then we would suggest you not to pay the ransom money and instead look for other ways to get rid of that virus.

There are only few ways to get rid of this ransomware:

  1. System Restore but only if you still have the admin rights with you.
  2. Format your whole PC because this ransomware or say virus spreads at a very fast rate in your whole system and corrupts every single file.
  3. Last Solution being PAY THE RANSOM if you don’t want to lose your data.

Recently people are spreading a hoax about a ransomware or virus being spread for mobiles also through whatsapp and messages and it is named as “DANCE OF THE HILLARY”.
Click here to read more about this hoax being spread.

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