List Of Countries & Files Infected With WannaCry

Well you all might be aware of the currently trending topic named WannaCry or What Is WannaCry

This ransomware is effective on all the versions of Microsoft windows that are below windows 10.
Microsoft recently released a patch to safeguard your PC from this deadly and malicious ransomware, So if you have installed this patch on your PC then don’t worry your system is safe irrespective of the windows version you are using but if you have not installed the patch on your PC then either upgrade your windows version to 10 or above or else the security of your system is at stake.

To see the regular updates from the security board of Microsoft click here.

A list of WannaCry Ransomware Affected Counrties and Companies.

  1. NHS in England and Scotland, Unable to perform X-rays and other important tests. (List Of All the Affected Hospitals).
  2. Nissan (United Kingdom).
  3. FedEx (United States).
  4. A Russian bank – VTB.
  5. All ATMs Closed In India due to WannaCry Ransomware.

See the Full List here.

Countries list

Well if you are not infected yet or if you are infected and checking for what all your files will get corrupt then here is a list of all the file types which this ransomware majorly targets:

.edb,     Full List

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