MergeDocsNow Toolbar Removal Guide

MergeDocsNow claims to merge separate PDF files into one PDF, share Files and provide search box toolbar on the top of web page, but it will only work when you install this product in your extension, and once you installed this program it will display non-stop advertisements and infected pop-up links.


All the function will take place without user’s permission. MergeDocsNow hijacks your browser and sets your homepage to a definite homepage. It is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) and often bundled with free software after installation. This is also known as browser hijacker which can trouble your system. It is not a virus but contains numbers of potentially unwanted software (PUP). It brings other malicious or infected programs without your knowledge. These websites are known to redirect you to websites which you don’t want to go to.

MergeDocsNow Removal Tool


 How does it enter into your system?

MergeDocsNow browser hijacker spreads along with various adware or shareware, which is installed automatically without user’s permission. They always find some or other way to get installed on your browser. To avoid infection on your system in the form of changed web-browser settings to MergeDocsNow start page, you should always read carefully the Terms of Use and the Software License.
It will redirect you to a website that has paid for positioning in MergeDocsNow search result and you will end up with infected websites or content which can cause serious problem to your PC. It is an untrustworthy third party application which is made to promote adware program in return they generate good and healthy revenue by serving traffic for them.

 Detected behaviors and effects:

  1. Decrease your system performance.
  2. Alter browser settings.
  3. Redirect to different URLs which you don’t want to visit.
  4. Exposing system to other malware.
  5. Tracks your sensitive information and browsing activity.
  6. Change of homepage and search engine.

Targeted browsers:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Internet Explorer

How to remove MergeDocsNow:

You can remove it using the given methods:

  1. Automatic: Remove MergeDocsNow using MergeDocsNow RemovalTool
  2. Manual: Remove MergeDocsNow RemovalTool manually.

 Scan your PC with:

  1. Download MergeDocsNow RemovalTool by clicking on the given link:
    MergeDocsNow RemovalTool
  2. As soon as you will open the downloaded file a security warning pop-up will appear as shown below, click on ‘Run’ button.
    You will not see this pop-up in Windows 10.

    Run Pop-Up
  3. Again a pop-up window will appear. Click on ‘Yes’.
  4. A setup window will appear. Click on ‘Next’ button to start the process of installation.
  5. Automatically it will detect and show the active threats present in your system.
  6. To remove all the threats which are detected, click on ‘Clean Now’.
    NOTE: If any browser are still running, close all the open browsers before proceeding.Removed
  7. A pop-up will show you all the infected files, folders and registry entries has been removed successfully.

How to remove MergeDocsNow manually?

chrome Google Chrome

Steps to removeMergeDocsNow’ from Google Chrome:

  1. Press  window key +R button on keyboard to open ‘Run’ box.
  2. In the Run box which appears, type this path: ‘%localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data‘.
  3. Search for Default folder and then Extensions
  4. Delete the folder that would be named somewhat like this: ‘picpadgnaiehfpanhlnlejeelgohjpid and gddiehhlphkfabhcldibfbfdhidihcgo’.
  5. Go back to Google Chrome.
  6. Now go to Menu > More Tools > Extensions.
  7. Delete the extension named ‘MergeDocsNow’.

mozilla Mozilla Firefox

Steps to remove ‘MergeDocsNow’ from Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Press  window key +R button on keyboard to open ‘Run’ box.
  2. In the Run box, type this path: ‘%appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles‘.
  3. Click on the folder with ‘.default’ appended in the folder name. For e.g.: ‘e6x5wbsb.default‘.
  4. In this folder, delete ‘search.json.mozlz4‘.
  5. In the same folder, click on ‘Extensions’ folder and delete the file named
  6. Set your favorite homepage.
  7. Now restart your browser.

 IE Internet Explorer

Steps to remove ‘MergeDocsNow’ from Internet Explorer:

  1. Open Internet Explorer (IE).
  2. Go to Tools –> Click on Internet Options.
  3. From the listed tabs, click on ‘Advanced’ tab.
  4. Under ‘Reset Internet Explorer settings’ option, click on ‘Reset…’.
  5. Set the homepage of your choice.

MergeDocsNow Removal Tool

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