Pegasus Spyware for Android And IOS – A Malware And Threat

One of the more evil minded iOS threats is Pegasus malware. It has made its way to Android devices too and it has some dangerous new tricks in its arsenal. Pegasus took advantage of the whopping three zero-day vulnerabilities in iOS. This vulnerability allowed Pegasus to jailbreak the device and install spying software.

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Pegasus malware

Zerodium, had offered $1 million for an iOS zero-day, thus it is obvious that the malware is an expensive one. Pegasus was reported by Ahmed Mansoor, a human rights activist from UAE. Pegasus is believed to be developed by an Israeli company called The NSO Group. They are known for developing such kind of spyware.

Macintosh iPhone and iPad clients more often thinks and trust they are protected. There’s no malware for iOS, they say. It’s been proved a number of times, and recently researchers proved it again on 15 August 2016 by revealing the existence of Pegasus spyware is capable of hacking any iPad or iPhone. Apple does little to demoralize the impression — the “organic product organization” doesn’t permit antivirus arrangements in its App Store. Since, you know, allegedly they’re not required. This discovery shook the cybersecurity world to its roots.

Companies like Lookout and Google declared that the Pegasus malware could be used to spy and store screenshots, audio & even act as a key logger. This malware also has the capability to silently extract & harvest data from various apps and browsers like messaging, email contacts etc. According to researchers at google and Lookout it is still the most sophisticated attack the world has seen so far.


The attack form this malware fails completely if it fails to jailbreak the apple mobile device. However, in the Android version, this malware even if the malware directly asks the user for the permissions it needs to extract at least. Thus even if it fails to gain root access to the device, it is still capable of picking up data form an android device.

What Pegasus malware does to your phone?

  1. It reads the user’s messages and mails.
  2. Listens & tracks to your calls.
  3. Captures screenshots.
  4. Logs pressed keys.
  5. Infiltrates browser history.
  6. Spies on Contact list.
  7. It could even listen to encrypted audio streams.

Countries affected by the Pegasus malware:

  1. Israel
  2. Georgia
  3. Mexico
  4. Turkey
  5. Kenya
  6. Nigeria
  7. UAE

We have three simple tips here for you to stay as safe as possible:

  1. Update your device time to time.
  2. Install an anti-virus on each of your device like McAfee Mobile Security.
  3. Install a Free Cleanup Master App for your Android device.
  4. Don’t fall for phishing sites. If you receive a link from an unknown source then don’t click on it. Think before you click or rather choose not to open or click on it.

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