What is UIWIX Ransomware And How To Remove It

UIWIX is a ransomware which secretly enters in your system and hijacks or encrypts various files and folders resulting in stealing your important data and leaking it.

Ransomware hijacks your whole system and take control over the admin rights of your system and then ask for a ransom money to release your system and give you back the admin rights. The ransom amount ranges from $300 – $3000.


As per latest news a ransomware is attacking all across the globe and is named as WannaCry Ransomware.
To read more about what is wannacry ransomware and how to safeguard your system from getting infected by this then click here

Once infected, this ransomware changes your files extention to “._[victim’s id].UIWIX” extention for example before infection your file will look like “kevin.jpg” but after getting infected with UIWIX ransomware it will look like “kevin.jpg._123456789.UIWIX”.

If your system is infected then this virus will create a text file display message which will show you the ransom demand message on your screen. This message is the proof that the user has been infected now and the system will soon be taken in control by this virus and the admin rights will be controlled by the virus only.


<<<<<< How to remove it is a browser hijacker removal guide >>>>>>


Message after infection is spread in your system


Paying the ransom amount does not guarantee that your infected files and folders will be given back to you safely as there are massive chances of you getting in some kind of scam or fakes. Also by paying such ransom amounts will encourage the ransomware makers and will increase their cybercrime business. Well there are tools available but you can only restore your files and folders using these tools from a backup that you would have created.

Infected Browser and ransom demand


Infected Files
 Infected Files and Folders


Well there are tons and tons of ransomwares available and all contains the same features of corrupting your files and folders and then demanding for some amount of ransom amount but the only major difference is the amount of ransom asked by them.

These ransomwares or virus are promoted and spread through E-mails, Social Media, Add-ons, Pop up messages, direct sending of links as message and by many more ways so it is always advised not to click on any anonymous link or file.

To see the list of affected countries and the files that will get corrupt once infected by wannacry ransomware Click on the link given below.

List of Files and Countries

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