What Is WannaCry Ransomware ? How To Remove It ?

More than 150 countries all across the globe has been hit by a ransomware cyber-attack and it should be treated by governments all around the world as a “wake up call” says Microsoft.

The Important data which is stored on outdated software can be easily accessed by hijackers said Microsoft by blaming the governments.
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The latest virus which is currently spreading all across the world at a rapid rate took advantage of a flaw in Microsoft window which is recognized and taken from US intelligence.

This Massive ransomware started from US when the computers from hospitals in Britain to police stations in Andhra Pradesh in India were hacked and major details of customers and private information was leaked and this virus is now spreading all across the globe and its major target is India and some more countries. In India, until now a couple of computers at Andhra Pradesh’s police control room were hacked and many important information was leaked. Police control units from Chittoor, Krishna, Guntur, Visakhapatnam and Srikakulam districts were affected.
This ransomware hijacks your browser and change all the settings and information. To view more Click here

According to director General of Police N sambasiva Rao, The Operating system which was being used in the computers of police control unit was windows XP and it was hit by the cyber attackers easily.  The computers with apple’s operating system was safe.


This Is how A wanna cry affected system looks like

What Happened and When.

On 12th May, WannaCrypt also known as Wanna cry, a ransomware which has affected at least 50,000 computers in more than 74 countries all over the globe including India.

The bug in this ransomware encrypts the data of your computer within seconds without even letting you know about it. This virus takes over your system and admin rights and ask the user or the owner to pay a ransom fee of 300$ in form of bitcoins to get back the complete access of your system and admin rights.
In past a Global ransomware attack was blocked by a cybersecurity firm and according to an executive of that firm this ransomware is a new variation of the malicious word which is now circulating all across the globe and researches are now going on to develop a software which can stop this ransomware. It is also believed to be a virus which can be responsible for the biggest online extortion ever.

All Are Working Together.

To overcome from this Cyber Attack, all countries are now working hand in hand. British national cyber security center has issues others in warning of more cases of ransomware attacks in coming few weeks.

The Indonesian government has started updating their old our outdated operating systems to the latest ones and have appealed the citizens to start upgrading their Operating system to the latest one to save themselves from getting attacked by this malicious ransomware named Wannacry.

Japanese companies said that they are also working on to get rid of the Cyber Attack caused by the ransomware globally.

More than 30,000 institutions all across china have been affected as per the latest report by Chinese state media.

This Virus tried to affect and made its main target to Russian computers as per the analysis done by Kaspersky, an antivirus company in Russia.

In England and Scotland more than a dozen of nation health services trusts reported a problem in computer systems in hospitals and in other pharmacies. All are advised not to make any payment or update any information for now.

German Railway system was also affected the most and the announcing of arrival and departure was directly affected causing a mode of confusion among its citizens.

Youtube video link for more information.

How Does WannaCry Enters In Your System?

WannaCry is loaded in a system through a hyperlink which can be opened accidentally by a user through various modes like an email, advert on a webpage or a Dropbox link or by clicking on any hyperlink provided socially or personally. Once  activated, the program spreads through the computer and locks all the files with a message that your system has been hijacked and the admin rights are also hijacked and to get the access back you have to pay a ransom.


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