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Detailed Technical Analysis of Crybrazil Ransomware Attack!!! Detailed Technical Analysis of Crybrazil Ransomware Attack!!!
Malware Analysis,Ransomware | 06/05/2018

Detailed Technical Analysis of Crybrazil Ransomware Attack!!!

In this technical analysis of the Crybrazil Ransomware, our (HTRI TEAM) security experts review the details of the ransomware campaign and steps to take to protect against such Crybrazil ransomware attacks.

Crybrazil Ransomware Overview

CRYBRAZIL is a part of the ransomware family. This ransomware is currently targeting the Spain Country, found by the security researcher; it encrypts the victim's machine by using AES Encryption method.

It appends the filename of the affected file by adding .CRYBRAZIL extension in the last. It Only targets the C Drive along with more than 250+ file extensions.

This ransomware uses Hidden Tear Library which is easily available on GitHub.

This ransomware doesn’t contain any ransom amount information. It changes the desktop background wallpaper with the ransom note.

Flow Chart

  Flow Chart


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Technical Analysis of CRYBRAZIL Ransomware

File Name: crybrazil.exe

MD5: 10597E7C2E644D9BD346844F08328C0B

File Type: .EXE

Spread Via Not Known Yet.


Detail Description of CRYBRAZIL Ransomware with Screenshots


Static Analysis

This ransomware has minimum requirement Dot Net Framework 4.0

Assembly Info

Figure 1 Assembly Information


As shown below, this ransomware gathers the Username, Computer Name and targets the User Directory C:\Users; Once an encryption completed it appends the filename with .CRYBRAZIL Extension.

This ransomware also downloads the ransom note from the mentioned URL in the code.

This ransomware using the Hidden Tear Library which is easily available on the GitHub.


Gather Information

Figure 2 Gathers Information

As shown below, as per the code this ransomware is using a predefined password

(“AA151257B1462D642E7E21FF9C80F83CAF043C3572D5ED59BD283D20641E3C9D”) for encrypting files and move the ransomware to specific location C:\admin\Rand123\local.exe

Thereupon, this ransomware starts encrypting the folder based on their specific target directory, extension list, and password.

 Crybrazil Process

Figure 3 Encryption Process


As shown below, this ransomware encrypts the files based on the extension list. It has more than 256 file extensions list.

.dat .keychain .sdf .vcf .jpg .png .tiff .tif .gif .jpeg .jif .jfif .jp2 .jpx .j2k .j2c .fpx .pcd .bmp .svg .3dm .3ds .max .obj .dds .psd .tga .thm .yuv .ai .eps .ps .indd .pct .mp4 .avi .mkv .3g2 .3gp .asf .flv .m4v .mov .mpg .rm .srt .swf .vob .wmv .doc .docx .txt .pdf .log .msg .odt .pages .rtf .tex .wpd .wps .csv .ged .key .pps .ppt .pptx .xml .json .xlsx .xlsm .xlsb .xls .mht .mhtml .htm .html .xltx .prn .dif .slk .xlam .xla .ods .docm .dotx .dotm .xps .ics .mp3 .aif .iff .m3u .m4a .mid .mpa .wav .wma .msi .php .apk .app .bat .cgi .com .asp .aspx .cer .cfm .css .js .jsp .rss .xhtml .c .class .cpp .cs .h .java .lua .pl .py .sh .sln .swift .vb .vcxproj .dem .gam .nes .rom .sav .tgz .zip .rar .tar .7z .cbr .deb .gz .pkg .rpm .zipx .iso .accdb .db .dbf .mdb .sql .fnt .fon .otf .ttf .cfg .prf .bak .old .tmp .torrent .der .pfx .crt .csr .p12 .pem .ott .sxw .stw .uot .ots .sxc .stc .wb2 .odp .otp .sxd .std .uop .odg .otg .sxm .mml .lay .lay6 .asc .sqlite3 .sqlitedb .odb .frm .myd .myi .ibd .mdf .ldf .suo .pas .asm .cmd .ps1 .vbs .dip .dch .sch .brd .rb .jar .fla .mpeg .m4u .djvu .nef .cgm .raw .vcd .backup .tbk .bz2 .PAQ .aes .gpg .vmx .vmdk .vdi .sldm .sldx .sti .sxi .602 .hwp .edb .potm .potx .ppam .ppsx .ppsm .pot .pptm .xltm .xlc .xlm .xlt .xlw .dot .docb .snt .onetoc2 .dwg .wk1 .wks .123 .vsdx .vsd .eml .ost .pst

It searches an above extension in the target drive and encrypts it.

This ransomware also drops SUA_CHAVE.html in C:\users\%username%\Desktop

While opening the SUA_CHAVE.html in browser it contains the one hyperlink text O QUE ESTÁ ACONTECENDO? it redirects to the hxxp://3e24c23r2213122c1cxdsxsd[.]unaux[.]com/

Once the files are encrypted this ransomware it appends the filename by adding .Crybrazil extension in the last and also changes the desktop background wallpaper.

 Ransom Note

As shown above, it contains the message in Spanish language, after translation:

he who is the clown, but it is I who set fire to the circus.

Attention children

All your files have been encrypted, to retrieve them back please contact: losalphagroup@protonmail.com




Associated Email: 


Associated Network Activity



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  3. Third-party installation: Try to avoid freeware download websites as they usually install bundled of software with any installer or stub file.
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