How to Use a Product Sampling Guide How to Use a Product Sampling Guide
How To    06/14/2021

How to Use a Product Sampling Guide

Brands have been using product sampling in a traditional sense for years and now digital product sampling continues the trend.

Nobody is in a position to guess what will become of the economy in the weeks and months ahead. After all, there’s no official guidebook on how to build your brand during a global pandemic. But does that mean there’s nothing you can do at all?

Well, the tactics and strategies used by marketers to build their brands are no longer entirely applicable, While there’s a lot of uncertainty going around, that doesn’t mean that you should throw away your marketing plan completely, however. There's one strategy that definitely still works.

Brands have been using product sampling in a traditional sense for years. And now digital product sampling continues the trend. Here are some things to bear in mind to help you build advocacy, adoption, relevancy, and awareness of your brand in the current climate.

Traditional Media May Not Be Enough

With the effects of COVID-19 still in force, investing in traditional media may not be the best approach right now. While the typical American is consuming more media than normal, they’re becoming overwhelmed with the amount of advertising they’re being exposed to, and are generally more less loyal toward brands. In the climate we’re in, this is heightened by consumers’ attention being taken up by the pandemic and its effect on their professional and personal lives. Digital product sampling establishes an organic product experience that people can enjoy in the comfort and safety of their own home. They can taste, smell, and touch your product, creating a deeper connection than they could get from other forms of marketing.

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Consumers Are Moving Online

While many consumers still enjoy in-store shopping, consumers, in general, are making a rapid shift from offline to online as a result of isolation and social distancing measures. In an online commercial environment where it’s impossible for shoppers to taste, touch or otherwise experience your brand, consumers are heavily relying on reviews and ratings. Free product samples enable brands to refresh or capture new reviews and ratings, which are becoming important drivers of transactions.

Retail Sampling Therapy

As consumers are looking to sit back on entertainment, travel, appliances, cars, electronics, etc., it doesn’t mean they don’t treat themselves to simple indulgences as a way of coping with the pandemic. They can enjoy these influences while being at home. And digital product sampling can help brands to drive trial and awareness for such products with consumers who may not even know they want them. When this situation normalizes, companies will have driven trial and awareness with new consumers and have their valuable information for their CRM that they can then use to continue marketing to.

Long-Term Consumer Relationships

When our lives return to relative normality, brands need to know how to maintain and improve relationships that they’ve built with consumers, both before and during the pandemic. A product sample enables these brands to acquire emails, in a cost-effective way, of those who have sampled their product. This allows them to establish personalized marketing touch points to encourage that consumer to stick with the brand into the future.

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Ineffective or Suspended In-Store Customer Activations

It’s now more stressful to shop for groceries, thanks to long queues outside stores and issues with stock availability. Consumers have already begun to cut down on how many trips they take to retail outlets. And they like to get in and out as quickly as possible. Consumers are making their shopping decisions based on habit, rendering such conventional consumer activations like secondary displays and signage, in-store sampling, add trade promotions ineffective. That is if they haven’t already been suspended by the retailer. Digital product samples enable consumers to try your products at home and in their own time without the additional stress provided by a chaotic store environment.

Wrap Up

We can only hope that the world will return close to the way we once knew it. But it’s asking too much to expect it to be exactly the same. History shows that consumer behavior changes in the light of a global crisis or event. We’ve seen permanent changes in how consumers shop and consume in the wake of the Great Depression, along with recessions in the 1990s, 2007, and 2008.

By the same token, product sampling has been used for years, and there’s good reason why it continues to have an important role to play in a company’s marketing mix. Digital product sampling creates a targeted and measurable experience that can help a company build a brand today and into the future.


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