How to Reach Your B2B Audience How to Reach Your B2B Audience
How To    03/19/2020

How to Reach Your B2B Audience

It might surprise you to know that 85% of manufacturers use social media as part of their content marketing. These companies are using such platforms as Facebook,

YouTube, and SlideShare to create educational and inspirational content that promotes their business indirectly. This tactic initiates discussions among prospects and existing customers, which often leads to sales. If you want to know how to improve the performance of social media for manufacturing companies, here are a few tips to point you in the right direction.

Keep your ears open

Prior to posting on social media, listen to what is being said about your business, or industry as a whole. There are a number of tools like socialmention.com that you can take advantage of to learn what’s being said. Added to that, attending product forums and industry events in-person is a great way of engaging directly with prospects and customers.

Join communities

In addition to interacting with your fans on social media pages, you should also join smaller industry-related communities and forums. There are a large number of social media groups that cover manufacturing industries, such as automotive, aerospace, energy, consumer electronics, and machining.

By joining these communities, you’ll have a great chance to interact with other industry professionals while brainstorming and discussing strategies and best practices.

Combine with other content strategies

For best results, you should combine social media with other content tactics like email newsletters, blogs, ebooks, and webinars.

Have a budget for advertising

You’ll be wasting the opportunities that come with social media if you don’t advertise. Without paying to boost your posts, you will be limiting your reach. Paid advertising enables you to target your prospects by skillset, geography, interest, and gender. This will result in more website traffic and significantly increase your ROI.

Measure your progress

To ensure you’re doing the right things, you should consistently measure your progress. This will inform you of which content led to increased traffic, more leads and subscribers, and greater brand recognition. Other numbers you can keep track of include customer feedback quality, SEO rankings, duration on site, quality of sales leads, conversion rates, and sales. Fortunately, there's a large number of free tracking tools available.

Share valuable content

Marketers promoting a manufacturing business should view social media as more than a venue simply to sell products. It should rather be viewed as a venue for prospects, customers, and partners to find valuable content related to their industry. Share content with the purpose of educating your audience and making their lives easier.

For example, you could share access to behind the scenes of your products or manufacturing process in action.

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Ask your followers for help

A great way to create social media content is to ask your followers for help. For example, you could send a tweet out to your audience to ask them to share tips and tricks related to your industry.

Another way to encourage prospects and customers to share your content is to run a contest on your social media channels. You can use such tools as Shortstack, Strutta, WIshpond, and Woobox to help you.

Partner with influencers

Every industry or topic has thought leaders and experts. Therefore, while on social media, you should be looking out for those with a large following. Invest some time in “liking” their pages, reading their posts, leaving comments, and sharing when appropriate.

By connecting with these people, you will be able to benefit from their following, which will lead to more exposure for your company. Some manufacturing influencers worth following include SME, Manufacturing.net, Don at BIN95.com, and Vicki Bell.

Be patient

The social media platforms you decide to create a presence on should be determined by your target audience. If you’re unsure who your audience is, you should take a look at your customer avatar in order to define who you’re looking to target in your social media marketing.

Once you’ve defined your audience, you’re ready to pick your platforms. Before you commit, however, you’ll need to be sure that you can regularly post and engage at least 2-10 times per week.

Platforms to consider

Typically, an industrial business won’t get a lot out of Instagram likes or Pinterest board shares. A Twitter account, on the other hand, could benefit you by helping you to connect with businesses and other professionals in your sector.

A well-maintained YouTube channel with videos showing viewers around your facilities can encourage engagement that also connects you to other professionals in your industry. You can also share these videos on your other platforms, along with your website itself.

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