How to Use Wireless Linear Actuators How to Use Wireless Linear Actuators
News    11/26/2019

How to Use Wireless Linear Actuators

Know how to use wireless linear actuators with the help of progressive automatons that offers a range of actuators for decentralized installation.

Switching adjustable 12-volt actuators for custom installation are used to create a flexible control system for smart houses or building automation systems.Most often, electric linear actuators executing wireless commands should be distributed in different places of the managed facility.

For these purposes, Progressive Automations offers a range of actuators for decentralized installation.

What Offers Progressive Automations?

Actuator models offered by PA differ in their type of load, shutter control, workload, etc. For instance, the PA-04 12V actuator with the IP-66 protection class marking that resists to the environment of dust and strong jets of water.

With great versatility level and ease of installation, this actuator can be used along with all the control boxes spread by PA and be the perfect option for custom projects.

The actuator has the 12VDC input voltage and can retract at the length of from 2 to 40 inches with the adjustable force indicator from 100 Ibs to 400 Ibs, which affects the travel speed changing it from 0.98 inches per second at 400 Ibs to 2.80 inches per second at 100 Ibs.

Due to qualitative alloys and material used for the electric linear actuator construction, this model can effectively work under operational temperatures between - 26°C and + 65°C what makes it of the great convenience to use for industrial purposes here overheat is one of the predominant reasons of the actuator wear off.

The adjustability of this actuator model makes its customizing possibilities almost endless.

This wireless 12V linear actuator can be used for various work as it is 12V motors that are used in the predominant share of jobs related to industrial automation.

Furthermore, the use of motors other than 12V can allow using the wireless PA actuator in a variety of other spheres and environments, even those of extreme humidity.

The  PA-04actuator model also has a built-in actuator limit switch which seriously decreases the risk of overheat even when it is supposed to work under high temperatures. This is extremely beneficial taking into consideration that the duty cycle of this actuator is 20 percent.

Surely it would be impossible to create an actuator for everything so that each model would perfectly suit all the requirements. However, actuator models like this one provide the highest possible adjustability so that they can be fitted to each situation individually.

How Remote Control Eliminates Wires?

Among all the advantages of using electric linear actuators for industrial purposes their functionality that allows using them along with remotes, probably, possesses the greatest convenience.

Due to the highest adjustability, as many mechanical things should be automated in order to shorten the amount of manual work and the human presence, such actuators are actively used for a variety of projects.

Remotes allow using these small linear motion devices for straight forward motion even within ready-made equipment that has literally no free space inside.

Furthermore, when controlled remotely, these smart actuators allow using them as manual alarm systems and to stop the process, for example, on assembly lines. The only wire such actuators require is to power them up. What can be better than the knowledge that your project is fully safe in terms of the electric equipment used?

Does Linear Actuator Really Green Technology?

Many craftsmen and engineers when starting a new project often ask themself and their colleagues what technology will be the most suitable solution for each particular project.

And many, sooner or later realize that when it comes to cost-effective, smart, and what is most important eco-friendly automation, there is nothing better than the electric linear actuator technology that can safely provide the performance wanted in the most convenient and simple way without any threat to the environment where implemented or living creatures around.

The synergy of actuator technologies and remote control became one of the most influencing leaps in engineering. The use of such technologies makes good projects to become great ones. So, why not use actuators for effective work that is always appreciated?

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