3 Best Ways on How to Provide Fast Wi-Fi at Coffee Shop 3 Best Ways on How to Provide Fast Wi-Fi at Coffee Shop
News,How To    05/03/2019

3 Best Ways on How to Provide Fast Wi-Fi at Coffee Shop

Wifi has become the most important necessity of every individual. Here are the 3 best ways on how to provide fast wifi at coffee shop so that your customers can stay at shop for long.

In modern times, a fast and reliable internet connection is a must in most public places. People are constantly checking their phones and updating their lives via digital means, so if you’re running a coffee shop, it’s important you use this to your advantage. Done properly, you can keep customers happy, and on the premises, a little bit longer!

But how can you entice people to keep spending through the power of Wi-Fi? What’s required of both you and your business?


Here’s how to provide fast Wi-Fi at your coffee shop.

  • The Receipt Password

One of the downsides of good wi-fi is that ‘laptop table hoggers’ can start to immerge. They sit down and work for hours on end, taking up much-needed space and only occasionally buying something. There’s also the argument that if more people use the Wi-Fi, the slower it may perform. Offering Wi-Fi is a generous service, but it’s important that you put your foot down when people start to make a mockery of your kindness.

For example, you could print the Wi-Fi password on your receipts. That way, only paying customers will get access to the internet. It might seem mean, but frankly, you’re not running an office; you’re running a coffee shop. Your priority is to make money, and if people are using your premises as a place to work without buying, you need to flag it! 

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  • Keep People Moving

It’s also important that you keep paying customers moving after a certain period of tiehas elapsed. You want to make sure customers get comfortable and use the Wi-Fi, but don’t overstay and underspend. Consequently, you may want to think about erecting signposts with the rules listed, or set a digital timer on how long devices on the premises can stay connected to the Wi-Fi for in one 24 hour session.

Of course, this is only possible if you’re running an independent venture where you can set the rules yourself. That said, if it’s within your power to set a few parameters, try to do so! If nothing else, it will make the internet run faster when it’s not being needlessly or unreasonably overused.

  • Implement Cables

Obviously, ethernet cables don’t offer wireless connections. However, they can minimise the amount of traffic your Wi-Fi ends up taking on. If you can equip one or two communal spaces in your coffee shop with an ethernet cable, you may just find yourself offering a more diverse space for faster internet connectivity.

For example, RS Components offer great deals on Category 6 cables, so you can invest in these if you want to ease the strain on your Wi-Fi services. If you can provide multiple means of connectivity in your coffee shop, you may just draw in more customers too. There’ll be designated ‘longer stay’ areas with the ethernet cables, and for those who just want to quickly check their phones in the queue for a coffee, the now freed up Wi-Fi should be up to the task! 


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