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Impact of Technology in Today’s World and on Today’s Generation Impact of Technology in Today’s World and on Today’s Generation
News | 07/13/2018

Impact of Technology in Today’s World and on Today’s Generation

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Impact of technology in today’s world

Development of technology

Technology has reached its peak by all means. In fact, the level of peak changes on daily basis. Every day there is an improvement and every day the technology keeps developing in different methods. There are new things coming up in the market every day. There are new inventions and discoveries happening. There are so many who work upon the core level of high machines. There are immense ideas which are coming up with how to develop technology more. 

Impact of technology:- 

On education:

Education is an immense world where everyone plays a role or it can also be said that it is a division which everyone has to go through in their life.

Impact of Technology On Education

There were times when schooling was affordable only by the rich. But, today the story has changed as there are many schemes under the government which help the students pursue their studies and there are also many non- governmental organizations also which focus on giving free education to many.

In this state where education is being spread out with so much of focus and as the technology is also developing and many are depending on technology for everything even education is being conveyed through technology.

There are so many colleges which have started providing online courses. Though online education was started a few decades ago, it was mainly for short-term courses.

But, today a student can do a professional course online. for example, engineering is what a student prefers, they can just go online and check for best online engineering colleges and they get all the required fields, the name of colleges which provide that, fee structure everything. 

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On business:

As for how technology has an impact on education, technology also has much impact on business. Today most of the business happens online. There are many e-commerce websites and other websites also which business are completely oriented and are also which moves with the development of technology. They keep updating themselves online to reach a higher rank than their competitor. 

Today there so many people who go for making their own e-commerce sites to start up their own business. This especially gives an open opportunity to ladies who can work sitting at home or even students who can sell their product online.

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For example, a woman wants to start her own business and can’t do it outside her house she can do it sitting back at home through online portals. If she doesn’t know about the new tactics of the field she is working on she can also study that online.

Like if you are running a business of designed items and you find yourself lagging because you are not aware of the new tactics and trends in that field you can go online and search for a best online design degree, where apart from learning the concept you can also get a degree in the field.

On social relationships:

Technology has a huge role in developing and building up social relationships as well as family relationships. As there are a lot of groups being born on the social media networks which help in developing social relationships and family relationships.

Impact of Technology On Relationships

It has a great impact as any person or any group wants to convey something they make a group on the social media platform. The group can either be a broadcasting group or a group which they can use for an interactive session. Apart from any official groups, there are groups for every family and friends.

Apart from all these a group for class students, a group for teachers, a group for the entire people in the institution, a group for cousins with elders and one without them the list goes on. All these are the impacts of technology.

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There was a time when we had to go to every particular house to convey a message. Later, it was cut short to call and today anything and everything can be reached out to people through messages or status. Today, you can see and talk to someone on the other end of the planet even if you don’t know who it is.

Technology in a social relationship also has improved in making online friends. It is after technology came into act that the number of friend circles and contacts increased.

On banking:

Technology also plays a wide role in banking. You need not even get out of your house to exchange money, pay someone, transfer money, pay bills, etc. Today, there is an online facility which is so shortened in name of apps and can help you pay any bill or transfer any amount of money to any part of the world, to open a bank out everything can happen sitting back in your couches.

Impact of Technology On Banking

You can do this all by simply pressing a button or touching on your screen. Apart from all the practical application even to know any information about the bank or any other information regarding banking or its application you can go online to check. Even to clarify any of your doubts you can go online and send queries to the concerned person.

On work:

Impact of Technology On Work

Technology has also given a wide opportunity for the people to work on the area of their interest. There are many wide job opportunities available online as well. This can be a great advantage especially for the mothers and students who are studying and want to earn as part-time. This can be a wide opportunity for those who have health issues and other issues in going and working outside.

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