A Guide on How to Choose the Best Online Casino A Guide on How to Choose the Best Online Casino
News    08/14/2019

A Guide on How to Choose the Best Online Casino

Playing online games can be thrilling and fun. Are you a fan of online casino games? If yes, read our guide on how to choose a best online casino that interests you.

It's not easy finding your perfect casino to partner with, a company to entrust your fun, entertainment and wallet to. Especially, when you are seeking nothing but the best in games tech, casino bonuses, safety, security and so much more. It gets even more difficult when you know there are thousands of online casinos out there to choose from as the market sees year on year expansion, and they are all competing to gain your attention, offering a seemingly unmissable sign-up deal, and unparalleled casino experience to win your custom.

So how can you find the best online casino, avoid rogue sites and who should you entrust your online gaming experience to?

The answer is simple, use this online casino guide, follow our top 5 expert tips, and you’ll instantly be able to spot the best online casinos to play with!

  • Shop and Play Around

There are hundreds if not thousands of online casinos and types of casino software to choose from. Trying out a range of games from different software companies will let you know the type of casino game you favour and can then start tracking down the online casinos that stock games from that provider.

Are you looking for Slots, Tables or Virtual Sports? Do you favour Microgaming over IGT or love a good mix of different software and game choices? These are all considerations that will guide you in the type of casino you are seeking as you'll know the specific games you enjoy the people who make them. Casinos stock only certain software, the largest casinos have the most market power bringing in the latest games from a range of suppliers providing constant growth and winning opportunities, whilst other casinos specialise in niche markets or a single software provider.

As well as game types, casinos each have their own branding, graphic styles, site set up, approach to customer care, mobile availability and so on. By experimenting with different casinos you'll develop a sense of what best suits your style, how you like to play and are more likely not to settle for a below-par casino. Make sure you play and shop around before picking an online casino to stick with

  • Find the Best Deal for You

Players are valuable to a casino, they will spend, play, and therefore, have a potential worth, which is why casinos compete for your custom with overly generous welcome deals. At some point or another, we've all seen pop-up casino ads offering matched deposit deals, no deposit deals and usually a generous number of free spins thrown in. These lucrative deals are designed to catch your eye, draw you into becoming a member of the particular casino and are highly effective at securing a players loyalties.

However, these deals usually tie a player to the casino with withdrawal conditions attached to the free bonus funds given. Some casinos are more modest about this, applying a 5x playthrough requirement (you must play the bonus amount at least x5 the original value before withdrawing), others look to those with more expendable budgets and attach playthrough requirements upwards of x30, which are not achievable for most gamblers, who are just looking for a bit of fun.

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When you assess an online casino, make sure you do a recky of the bonus deals terms and conditions. Are you really able to meet them? If not, look elsewhere or search for a no deposit deal, which requires you to invest no money and comes with lower requirements, therefore suiting smaller budgets (but take no, no deposit deals are few and far between). Regular bonuses, promotions and tournaments should also be a factor in assessing if a casino works for you. What are they offering you for your loyalty and will you or can you use the bonuses available?

  • Play it Safe: Do a Security and Policy Check

Whilst not always considered as one of the most important factors, as players get caught up in casino excitement, checking the licensing, security, and privacy policy at any online casino is key and one of the first things experienced casino players look for. After all, the casino is the one holding your money, that you entrust to operate in a fair manner, and to payout your winnings. Luckily, there’s a quick way to do all of this; check the casino licensing.

Different gambling jurisdictions in the world offer different levels of player protection and casino licensing regulations. As such they are considered first, second and third tier. The UK and most European jurisdictions are classified as first-tier, guaranteeing player safety, auditing casinos, and delivering the highest level of industry regulation. Always check a casino licence before you play. The logo of the licensing jurisdiction should be displayed at the bottom of the casino homepage. Licensed casinos are certified as fair, tested and trustworthy places to play so make sure you only play at licensed casinos.

On top of licensing, other important security concerns are the site encryption- look for 128 or 258- bit- and the casino privacy policy. Make sure you are happy with the level of security and uses of your data before you sign-up and start playing.

  •  Understand Payment Methods and Decide How You Want to Pay to Play

Playing online is all about entertainment- the thrill of the chase and the promise of prizes as you spin across the reels of a slot, place a Roulette bet and await the outcome, or hit up a Blackjack hand- but it’s equally about that cold, hold cash at the end of the day. When checking out a new casino, you need to make sure they support the way you want to deposit and withdraw as well as your other casino and playing preferences.

Usually, you’ll find all this info, including processing times and any withdrawal limits (per month) that the casino has under the payments page. Take a look at it, check how you want to pay to play and if you’re a high roller pick a casino that has high monthly withdrawal limits as there’s nothing worse than being stuck, unable to withdraw your winnings how and when you want them.

  •  Check Online Casino Reviews and Player Feedback Before You Sign up.

Industry experts and other players regularly talk about the best casino sites online or the up-and-coming new ones they’ve tried, providing honest reviews, and detailing everything you need to know about the casino, including screenshots and sometimes exclusive bonuses.

Whilst it’s not necessary to take this as the word of God, you should listen to what other players and professionals have to say about a casino as this can be one of the best resources for quickly finding out if it is an establishment you want to play with. Check, are they creating the good kind of hype, earning themselves a 5-star reputation, or ruffling feathers in the online community. Reviews and first-hand experience from other players is the litmus test of a casinos viability and you’re sure to find out all the latest news to help you pick the best online casino out there.

Following these 5 top tips to finding the best online casino will help you find that shining star, the casino that can go the distance of your wildest playing desires, suits your aesthetic tastes, and punches above your expectations- trust us, it does exist. In a thriving casino market, there’s no need to settle for standard.

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