How to Easily Add A Page Number In Your PDF File Using PDFBear How to Easily Add A Page Number In Your PDF File Using PDFBear
News    05/04/2021

How to Easily Add A Page Number In Your PDF File Using PDFBear

PDFBear is a web-based tool that can turn documents into different file formats for free.

With today’s generation, almost everything is being done paperless and through the help of the internet. However, the chance of more technical challenges increases as well. Documents are essential and vital for people to use the most, like students and working professionals. Plus, essential information and details are written in a form.

Moreover, documents are usually used for composing letters, records, articles, and many more. PDFBear will be the best handy tool when it comes to transforming files. This particular tool is web-based and offers functional devices that convert documents into different kinds of file formats. But how do you add a page number into your PDF file?

What Can PDFBear Provide?

As mentioned, PDFBear is a web-based tool that can turn documents into different file formats for free. There is no need to pay anything and to cut your budget to use their devices. This online converter has 26 excellent tools and features that every user will appreciate and gain from.

PDFBear provides a PDF to Word, Excel, HTML, PPT, PNG, JPG, PDFA, and vice versa. You can always work the other way around. It also provides user-friendly features such as Merging, Splitting, Repairing corrupted files, Unlock and Locking documents, Rotate PDF, Compressing, and, most significantly, the add page numbers to PDF tools.

How To Add A Page Number Using PDFBear

To clarify any confusion, unnecessary depletion, and complications with their documents, adding a page number to your file will be the best option for the stated factors. It can make work look professionally done and help everyone be more organized by just complying with these four simple steps.

The first step is to go to their website and select the Add a page tool. Choose and upload the desired file that you want to add a page number into the designated toolbox. You also have the opportunity to drag and drop the file for a more straightforward method. After uploading, PDFBear will directly analyze and start converting the file.

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Please wait for a moment before saving the newly converted file into your device. PDFBear also has an easy sharing feature wherein you can share your work with your friends or colleagues anytime using the shareable link and via email and send it to the online browser of choice. The said link is only valid for 24 hours.

Converting To Different File Formats Using PDFBear Tool

It’s undoubtedly challenging to turn in a document when you’re using an inaccurate instrument. But with PDFBear, you can turn in documents quickly and conveniently. People of any age can use PDFBear as it’s designed in a user-friendly interface and is intended in a streamlined manner. You surely don’t need to have top skills and knowledge.

You can make modifications and alterations to match your document’s specification without any inconvenience. Plus, all the tools and features have the same concept and guidelines for the conversion process. Upload the desired file into the toolbox. Please wait for the process to complete before saving the file into your device.

Sophisticated Security System

The majority of people are hesitant and afraid to put their information and confidential documents on the internet since the number of online criminals is rising. However, PDFBear’s security system is guaranteed safe and secure. It has SSL encryption which stands for Secure Sockets Layer.

This specific technology connection is a standard link for protecting the user’s internet browser from two programs. Being SSL encrypted prevents individuals from getting malware, viruses, hackers, and other online malicious intents that are harmful. PDFBear prioritizes the safety and security of everyone.

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On top of that, PDFBear has a particular security policy wherein, after 60 minutes, everything that has been converted, processed, and transferred on their website will be deleted permanently. It is an excellent feature for those who are not that comfortable and do not take lightly whatever they put on the web.

Plus, since PDFBear is web-based, there is no need to download or install any additional software programs or plug-ins as you can access it through Mac, Windows, Androids, or even Linux programs. You can use PDFBear anytime and anywhere as using various kinds of devices does not matter.


PDFBear is the ultimate tool everyone must-have. It’s the best tool buddy for any of your document-related activities and concerns. You are guaranteed safe and protected as it has an excellent security system and produces high-quality outcomes for PDF files.


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