VideoProc: All-in-one 4K Video Editing Tool with GPU Acceleration VideoProc: All-in-one 4K Video Editing Tool with GPU Acceleration
News    06/11/2019

VideoProc: All-in-one 4K Video Editing Tool with GPU Acceleration

Do you know how to stabilize shaky videos? With VideoProc, you can easily edit, convert, resize and adjust 4K UHD videos, and music easily at fully GPU accelerated speed.

Want to edit and stabilize video? Download VideoProc, a GPU accelerated software

When you are recording and moving at the same time, you end up having wobbly or shaky videos. Even if it’s GoPro action cameras and other special devices, the results are not up to the mark. Well, one can easily fix the shakiness and achieve a stable video with a high-quality editing application.

But not all video editing tools are good enough to give you the desired output. You can opt for VideoProc which is one of the latest and the best video stabilization software for all those necessary edits. It customizes the video and provides a lot of built-in-tools for amazing user experience.

More about VideoProc

It is an easy-to-use video editing and processing tool that helps users achieve ultra-fast, clear and smooth video. VideoProc is one of the most popular 4K video processing and editing tool with full GPU acceleration to get good-quality videos. VideoProc is wildly recognized by both beginners and advanced users as an easy-to-use video editor with powerful features.

VideoProc Software

Features offered by VideoProc

  • It is powered by level-3 hardware acceleration which reduces the load on CPU for downloading, converting and editing.
  • It can seamlessly process high-resolution videos from devices such as GoPro, DJI, drone, iPhone, etc.
  • It has ample editing options to turn shaky and jittery footages into high-quality videos.
  • It reduces the file size maintaining the quality so that the videos can easily be uploaded or published on social networks like YouTube, Instagram, etc. For example, the file size of 694MB can easily be compressed to 274 MB.
  • It captures the videos straight from your webcam and computer screens.
  • It uses advanced speed while keeping the CPU usage as low as possible. It can trim your lengthy videos into seconds.
  • It supports more than 420 + output formats to export the videos. For example, it transcodes videos to MPEG4, H.264, HEVC, WebM, and more.
  • In addition, VideoProc offers DVD conversions and backup.

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The editing operations it performs

  • It allows you to cut, crop, trim, resize, split, merge and rotate GoPro/iPhone footages. You can also rearrange and remove unwanted video sections.
  • It helps to stabilize GoPro videos by removing shakiness and removing noise from the background
  • VideoProc can be used to add texts, titles, subtitles and apply special effects to a huge range of video formats
  • It can also deactivate the footages and remove fisheye distortion in case of action cams and drones.
  • Apart from basic editing features, VideoProc helps in applying stunning effects, making GIFs and speeding up your clips.

Why is VideoProc the best choice?

Best Video Editor

  • Beginners can handle the editing features of the software easily. It is user-friendly in terms of User Interface.
  • It has specific settings for GoPro camera footages which can also help you get cut GoPro 4k footage of high quality.
  • It works on computers powered by Intel, AMD, Nvidia
  • From importing a heavy media file, editing the footage, to uploading on Youtube or saving; VideoProc offers a seamless editing experience
  • Codec Support- It supports a lot of preset video formats like MP4, MKV, MTS, HEVC, AVI, WebM and more.
  • No overheating or lags on computer’s performance 

malware crusher

About hardware acceleration feature- GPU

Full GPU Accelerated Video Editing Software

As compared to other video editing software, VideoProc is an amazing speedy video processing tool. VideoProc takes advantage of high-level hardware acceleration to handle the size and quality of 4K videos or videos of high resolution.

By utilizing the power of GPU, VideoProc boosts the whole process of stabilizing and processing the clips. At the same time, it takes off the load on CPU and protects vital PC components from being damaged. In short with GPU, VideoProc processes the videos faster and more efficiently.

How to stabilize videos with VideoProc

Opt for free download or buy an option from the website and install VideoProc. To stabilize the videos, follow these simple steps after opening the VideoProc software on your system.

Step 1: Tap on the video option that you can see on the page to reach the editing panel.

Stabilize Videos With VideoProc

Step 2: Now, drop down your video footage from your folder or screen that needs to be stabilized or edited.

Step 3: Once imported, you can use a toolbox option for various editing options.

VideoProc Toolbox

Step 4: Go to ‘settings’ icon which will enable you to change a lot of things including hardware acceleration, default language, resolution, default format, etc.

Step 5: Use the tools like cut, resize, merge, split, and rotate, etc to have a perfect video.

VideoProc Settings

VideoProc tutorial and user guide: How to fix the shaky videos?

You may refer to this link to watch the complete video editing guide. Read the instructions carefully.

Free licensed VideoProc Download

With a free trial of VideoProc, users can check how the software works. It runs on both Windows and Mac. If you like it, you can buy a license for additional features and upgrades.

Also, you can now review VideoProc to enter sweepstake offered by Digiarty which allows you to enter a contest of AirPods 2 and along with receiving a free license key of VideoProc.

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The Bottom Line

VideoProc is a recommended software to process, edit and improve your video quality. Also, VideoProc should be the first choice to have videos in different formats and resolutions and to have footages optimized for iOS and Android devices.

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