Best 7 Apps To Keep You Fit Best 7 Apps To Keep You Fit
News    11/08/2019

Best 7 Apps To Keep You Fit

Do you want to be like an A-list celebrity, a superstar model, or a superstar athlete? Well, that’s great news for all the fitness freaks. Those who spend their 8 hrs at the office for five days a week.

 And especially to those who want to transform their body from fat to fit. In this present era of the techno-driven world, individuals can turn their smartphone into a personal brand.


With the advancement of technology, many online applications are being created often. Similarly, there are a few apps that are specially designed to keep track of food and fitness decisions.

Thanks to such apps, who have made our daily routine so easy, that while sitting in one place, we can follow the perfect diet plans suggested by the dietician, and we can even do exercise to remain fit.

So, If you want to get or loose belly fat, lose fast weight, or strengthen your abdominal muscles, you are on the right track to grab the most of it.

You can make your smartphones as your trainer to improves your health and maintain your fitness level in a few days or months.

For you, we have worked hard to search for the top 7 fitness apps that can make you fat to fit. Have a quick look at out below list and follow them accordingly:

List of 7 Workout Apps For Fitness Freaks

HealthifyMe: Get Diet Plan, Nutritionists, Coaches( Rewarded4.6 Stars)

If you want to get your personalized diet plan, coaches, or nutritionists, then there could be nothing better than this beautiful App- HealthifyMe. The name itself reflects it’s motive. Well, the App is all about tracking your health, weight loss, food, diet plan.

Moreover, the App is best when it comes to counting the 100,000+ foods calories and healthy food tracking.

The App helps you to in losing your weight and get fit with the health data. You can even track your fitness record and get your specialized diet chart.

Key Features:

~ It provides your diet and workout plans.

~ You can see your results & transformations.

~It counts calories.

~You can even fix an appointment with the dietician.

~ You can also find healthy recipes so that you do not get bored while having the same foodstuff. Wow, Great!.

Download for Android

Lose Weight in 30 Days (Rewarded 4.7 Stars)

If you are looking for the best daily helper and a Gem app, then you must go through this App, which promises that you can lose your weight in 30 days. Wow!

It’s the fast and the safes way to lose your weight in 30 days. Apart from this, it also includes systematic workouts, diet plans, to improve your health and fitness. 

When it comes to the workout plan, it includes a perfect arm, butt, and leg workouts to tone your body and get in shape. No equipment is required, just home & you. Follow the diet plan and exercise daily.

Key Features:

~ It keeps track of your weight (loss/ gain).

~ It tracks your burned calories.

~ It provides you low-calorie diet plans.

~ It gives you more workouts.

~ Its the best animations and video guidance tool.

Download for Android

Lose Weight in 30 Days: Home Workout for Women (Rewarded 4.7 Stars)

The App is brilliant, especially for the Women who are homemakers or don’t have time to spend in Gym. The App offers you a 100% home-based workout plan to tone your butt, belly, arms legs fat.

It helps you in trimming the extra fat from your body. Just a download and get to notice yourself within a month.

Key Features:

~ It provides you a 30 days workout plan.

~ You can share your workout result.

~ You has an option to customize your training.

~You can track your progress report.

 Are you ready to take the 30 days challenge? Download it now!

 Download for Android

 Keep Trainer: Workout Trainer & Fitness Coach (Rewarded 4.8 Stars)

If you are looking for an easy to use App, to keep thyself healthy and fit, then you must try Keep Trainer: Workout Trainer & Fitness Coach app. The App is equipment free. The App offers you multiple workout & fitness routines and exercises.

You can workout anytime. Just install the App, and there you are. Moreover, you can save your time & money.

Key Features:

~It provides workout levels.

~ You can even watch videos to become fit.

~ It offers more than 400 workouts & exercise.

~ It offers you personalized training plans.

~ You can generate the detailed workout log.

~You can share your fitness records with your friends.

Download for Android

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Six Pack in 30 Days: Abs Workout (Rewarded 4.8 Stars)

Do you want to have a six-pack in 30 days? Well, the App promises that within 30 days, you can get a six-pack. You can quickly get it by following a few tips like 30-days plan, coach tips, and more. You’ll experience a workout with different levels.

The base part is that you can get your trainer at home, that is your smartphone. All you have to do is, install the App and there you are.

Key Features:

~ It records the training progress automatically.

~ It suitable for everyone, even the teens out there.

~ It provides a fantastic training toolkit in terms of weight management & muscle building.

~ You can burn your belly, and overall body fat.

Download for Android

Daily Workouts: Exercise Fitness Workout Trainer

Daily Workouts help you a lot in reducing your weight and maintaining your stamina and fitness.  With its 5 to 30 minutes workout, many individuals worldwide have successfully lost their weight.

Moreover, the App offers an impressive user-interface and gives you an extensive collection of daily exercises.

Key Features:

~ The App includes 100+ unique exercises.

~ It offers 10-30 minute full-body exercise.

~ It’s developed by a professional fitness trainer.

~ No internet is needed.

Download for Android

Gym Workout Planner: Weightlifting Plans

If you’re not a big fan of such fitness apps, then also Gym Workout Planner can make you one. The App offers you a free workout exercise. You just have to install it from the google play store.

You’ll find everything from bodybuilding to weightlifting and much more to explore.

Key Features:

~ It contains 3000+ exercise.

~ It gives you super-set support.

~ You can choose from the body-weight, machine, time-based workouts, and more.

~ You can keep track of your routine exercise.

Download for Android


In today’s interconnected world, everyone has become health-conscious, and we think that it’s a plus point to all.

So, keeping the same mindset, we have decided to bring such workout apps under your scanner today. We hope you’ll find them of some great help at your end.

Please comment us your preferred choice. And YES! Don’t forget to like and share this post.

(Note: All the apps mentioned above offers In-app purchases)

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