Best Call Tracking Software Best Call Tracking Software
News    09/27/2019

Best Call Tracking Software

No doubt, there are many high-grade Call Tracking Software available in the market with fantastic options to pick from. However, we've compiled all the best call tracking software for you.

 Before, knowing more about these top-notch Google call tracking software. First, let's get to know all about Call Tracking Software.

What is Call Tracking Software?

As the name indicates, Call Tracking Software is specially developed to record information in call centers or any other business environment.

This type of software aims to track incoming phone calls for future reference.

While using Google call tracking software, it is used to measure employee performance and to collect data on callers.

Moreover, with such type of service provider tools, you can also evaluate call tracking services based on price, phone number & call minutes, reporting, business app integration, call management tools, customer support, and more.

You wouldn't believe that you can also use a website call tracking method to track all the incoming calls instantly.

When anyone tries to visit your website, after clicking on any of your ads, website call tracking conversation can help you in measuring and identifying calls from your site.

The term carries a wide variety of best tracking software in its sac. However, after doing so much survey on the top-rated software, we have decided to bring under your scanner today.

So, we are introducing you with the best three call tracking software, including prices and its features.

Have a quick journey to the Best Call Tracking Software- Pricing, Reviews, Features, and more.

1. CallRail software for small business purpose

About CallRail: 

If you are looking for a small business, then there could be nothing better than a CallRail Software.

It's one of the best call tracking software that helps in identifying where your callers come from accurately like whether they have found on a website or another billboard, or any Google ad.

When it comes to run a small business, CallRail is the right path of wanting an affordable call tracker with the epic collection and combination of features.

CallRail offers you fantastic features like offline and online call tracking, call recording & playback, call forwarding, Automatic Email Notifications, Reporting, and more.

Top Call rail competitors are Cloud Talk, Ameyo, Retriever, and more. Also, to explore more about it, you can do a call rail login.

Call Tracking Pricing for CallRail:

For a small business, the software offers two priced service plans, which are Lite tier costs $ 30 per month and includes (5 local numbers and 500 local minutes) while the essential tier costs $ 45 per month and includes (500 local minutes and 10 local number). Additionally, it includes extra local minutes for both the plus 5 cents per minute. Great!


According to the customer review, they call it a best-fit for the small business. For them, this call tracking software is one of the easiest and competent tools when it comes to using it. Its online reviews are also positive and benefit from an automatic call transcription feature.

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2. Call Tracking Metrics Service for call centers

About Call Tracking Metrics:

When it comes to the best service provider tool for call centers, CallTrackingMetrics is the best solution to track a call with built-in call centers tools such as an integrated softphone and a call router for receiving and making calls with a mobile app or your PC.

It features a fantastic characteristic like call recording, voicemail, and call forwarding costs $19 per month.

Call Tracking Pricing for CallTrackingMetrics:

For unlimited users, it's affordably priced at $19/month, the price for local calling begins at 3.8 cents/minute, and the price for local phone numbers are $2.50/month.

Moreover, it holds up availability for Toll-free numbers at $3.50/month, including toll-free calling rates from 5.8 cents/minute.

Moving to the Call Tracking Metric Review.

Call Tracking Metrics reviews:

According to the Call Tracking Metric reviews. Most of the customer says that Call Tracking Metrics is quite a favorable tool for them.

Customers say that the reports generated with this software are the best, and when it comes to the customer support team, they are very much responsive.

The software is easy to set up and use. However, few of the customers complain of dropped calls, and poor call quality when it comes to making a final purchasing decision.

3.Telestat 7- The telephone call logging software FREE

Telestat 7 is one of the advanced phone call logging software that you can use for FREE.

The main aim of the software is to connect any call logging enabled phone system port either across the network, by reading a file or a serial connection.

It is designed to enhance the response time of the call and helps in intensifying the productivity and performance of your call center team.

Its setup is straightforward while installing it. The product offers you a real-time leaderboard ideal contact center management tool. From where you can quickly monitor the call information per person and also displays the value tell you the number of calls and more.

Call Tracking Pricing for Telestat:

To try it out you can use it for FREE Demo.


As per the customer reviews, Telestat 7 is the best call logging software system, which is compatible with any telephone system. It's a satisfactory product for those who are using it to date. The customer says that its installation is quite easy and when it comes to using it's effortless.

4. Easy Call Tracker for Google Analytics

It is one of the low-cost call tracking ways, that enables real-time tracking of all the incoming sales calls in your dashboard and analytical reports. It's quite easy while implementing. If you are trying to use it, then you must go for its US-based customer support it's epic.

Easy Call Tracker automatically shows a unique phone number for each various sources that you want to measure.

Moreover, using this software, you can also configure Google Analytics as a group, billboard, and email. It also includes call recordings, instant setup, offline and online tracking, A/B Test call Tracking, and more.

Call Tracking Pricing for Easy Call Tracker:

The pricing that the software serves is a monthly basis, which means you have to pay a monthly cost per each account over all the data connectors while importing connectors and destinations (Google data studio), support system, FREE customization, and you can also go for a 14-day FREE trial period.

Cost/ account*(Across all connectors)

$ 9.95 per month

$ 8.35 per month

$ 6.25 per month

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As per the customer ratings, this one is the best and secure call tracking software. One should try this out.


Call Tracking Softwares is the most critical component when it comes to marketing and sales. We highly recommend you to go for CallRail login and let us know your feedback about the best one.

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