The 5 Best Conference Call Services in 2020 The 5 Best Conference Call Services in 2020
News    06/11/2020

The 5 Best Conference Call Services in 2020

This list of 5 best conference call services in 2020 is for people who are looking for a solution to easily contact others for working meetings online.

Work from home is a trend of the next couple of months. During the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, video conference call services were the only alternative to live chat and work. Along with social networks, they help people not to fall out of active and working life. With their help, you can keep in touch with the loved ones and solve work issues without leaving your home.

Free video calls from various organizations are also in demand. Many enterprises conduct conferences and training in this way.

The superiority of social distancing has taken many people by surprise, making video conference calls a new necessity for distance communication. But which of the two dozen apps do you and your friends and colleagues use? Here are our recommendations, whether it is a meeting over a cup of coffee, a family meeting or a work meeting conference.

This list of 5 best conference call services in 2020 is for people who are looking for a solution to easily contact others and for small businesses or enterprises. The focus here is on ease of use and features that make it attractive to ordinary people.

1. Zoom

The most popular and simplest video conference call service program at the moment. The application allows you to create video conferences with the simultaneous participation of up to 100 people, to which users can connect from devices running on different platforms. It is an indispensable utility for business communication.

A video conference call service whose popularity and capitalization has grown tenfold since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The secret to the success of this particular program is not only in functionality, but also in the fact that the creators realized in time what potential videoconferencing has in the current circumstances.

For example, for schools in Japan, China, Italy and the USA, Zoom gives an unlimited number of minutes in temporary video chats on any accounts. A huge advantage of this particular program for video conferencing is the advanced ability to conduct webinars and presentations. However, there are well-grounded claims to Zoom.

Confidentiality is a concern - software has repeatedly complained that data may leak somewhere "on the side." Another bug (or feature) can be considered the opportunity to install a looped video in the chat, which employees who were too lazy to sit in front of the computer did not fail to take advantage of.

2. Skype

One of the first programs in the world for voice communication and video conference call services, which still does not lose its popularity. It allows you to create group video chats with the number of participants up to 50 people and provides a temporary cloud data storage.

Skype includes a useful cloud-based call recording feature that anyone on a call can connect. This will notify other participants that the call is being recorded, and allows users to save and share the recording for up to 30 days. Of course, Skype has apps for iOS and Android.

There is also a voice translator that supports 10 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian), and a text translator supports more than 60 languages. This makes multilingual conferences easier than ever before.

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3. FreeConferenceCall.com

Free Conference Call does not deceive you with the word “free” in the name. It is 100% free, but with the possibility of a monthly donation of any amount of funds.

Free Conference Call allows you to create audio and video conferences, web conferences, share the screen and record calls for free. The platform supports up to 1000 people on one call, and can take part in it on their computers or mobile devices with iOS and Android applications.

What makes FreeConference potentially attractive, however, is support for up to 1000 audio participants who can make phone calls. The service also uses a programless approach to video communication, which allows most users to connect only using a browser.

4. GoToMeeting

A well-deserved and very popular conference call service for video conferencing in English-speaking countries. It has a free version with the help of which three participants can be connected via video link, sharing files and showing their desktop.

The basic tariff plan will already allow you to connect 10 people, and the maximum - 100. There is even a feature to work on one document.

GoToMeeting is a professional application for conducting business meetings and presentations with the simultaneous participation of up to 250 people. It has tools for building graphs, tables, slide shows, as well as a laser pointer, markers and other useful functions.

5. UberConference

UberConference is a video conference call service solution in which joining a conference is very simple, you just need to enter the URL along with the participant’s PIN code. The solution supports HD audio and video meetings.

One of the main advantages of using UberConference is the fact that it is a fully browser-based video call solution. There is no need to download any programs, although mobile applications exist for those who want to use UberConference on their smartphone or tablet with iOS and Android.

Free users can hold conferences with up to 10 participants and record them for later viewing. The maximum duration for conferences with a free rate is 45 minutes.

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