14 Best English Grammar Websites for College Students 14 Best English Grammar Websites for College Students
News    09/13/2019

14 Best English Grammar Websites for College Students

English grammar is not easy for everyone.Fortunately, there are convenient sites and applications with which learning the rules will become, if not easier, then, at least, more fun.

Meet top English grammar websites you’re going to enjoy at any academic level:

Funny NoRedInk Exercises

Grammar learning service NoRedInk offers to practice skills on movie stars, cartoon characters, idols of music, and sports stars. Tasks are standard: write the correct words instead of omissions, correct errors in the text (the content and characters can be chosen independently).

In exercises on modal verbs, Bruce Willis acts decisively, and in hated verb forms, Marilyn Manson is next to Freddy Krueger. The basic version of the service is available for free.

Grammarly Text Check

Grammarly service can check grammar and spelling in the essay writing, letters, and any messages that you write on the Internet. To work with Grammarly, you need to install a browser or application extension for OS X and Windows. The program can check the grammar, spelling, and style of any text in English - whether it's a post on Facebook or an email. Over time, the service becomes even smarter:

for example, recently Grammarly began to understand what words are poorly combined, mastered the rules for using gerunds, and arranging the subjects.

90 Tasks in the Khan Academy

On the Khan Academy website, you can study theory for free and take interactive exercises. More than 90 assignments are available on parts of speech, punctuation, and the syntax of the English language. First of all, the materials of the platform are focused on preparing for standardized exams.

Grammatical Simulator Lingualeo

Grammar skills can be worked out in the Lingualeo application. Back in 2015, a startup launched a simulator to study English grammar on thousands of “live” examples. The program teaches subconsciously to use one or another rule depending on the context. The training of each of the rules contains from 500 to 2000 examples from articles, books, and speeches.

Bots-Teachers of Duolingo

Since last year, you can chat with the robot in the Duolingo application. For example, chief Robert, driver Rene, and officer Ada. They will answer questions differently and correct spelling if necessary. By the way, if you don’t know what else to say, you can simply click on the button and select the appropriate replica from the proposed ones.

Personalized SmallStep Grammar Lessons

Some language learning services personalize vocabulary learning, but this does not happen with grammar. The SmallStep project team corrects this omission. Grammar can be studied on the lexical material, which, as in the case of the study of words, is interesting and relevant to the user. SmallStep suggests using its own grammar API.

While it supports two functions: it finds grammatical constructions in an arbitrary text in English (more than a hundred different constructions and their variations) and generates material for creating exercises.

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English Grammar

On this site, you can find a huge number of lessons and test items designed to study grammar and even download a free manual.


This resource is a combination of theoretical material and practical tasks. The theory is summarized in an easy and understandable manner. Each grammar rule is supplied with illustrative examples that prepare you for independent exercises on a topic.


On this resource, in addition to grammar lessons available for printing, there is a special forum for students and teachers. Here, you can meet and chat with people who, like you, are studying English.

In addition, for registered participants of the forum, the heading “Ask the teacher” is available, where everyone can ask the teacher for an explanation of complex questions. The site regularly hosts training quizzes and language tests.


Before performing this or that exercise, you can read the theory presented here, or watch a video explaining this grammar rule. Assignments can be completed online or in writing by downloading and printing the necessary exercise.


It is really difficult to learn dry learning material. The mind perceives colorful and funny things much better. English grammar was boring and dry ... until now! This is no longer the case, because, fortunately, there appeared infographics (large pictures with text) by grammar, and not only.

If you love colorfulness, from now on, use only infographics to learn grammar. Plus, Grammar.net offers a lot of infographics to help you if you want to master the idioms of the English language perfectly.

Puzzle English

The site has a very good grammar section with video tutorials. The teacher explains the topic in a detailed and clear manner, and then, it is proposed to undergo exercises for fastening. In the comments, you can ask a question to teachers, and they will answer it. You can watch video lessons for free, while exercises without a paid subscription are only partially open.


A very famous site with a separate section dedicated to grammar. It will be useful to everyone who already knows English well and wants to understand its individual aspects and nuances because on the site, you can get an answer from the most qualified specialists.

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English Grammar Secrets

When studying grammar, it is impossible to limit oneself only to theory. If you are looking for a resource where you can consolidate your knowledge in practice, then here you are. The site publishes exercises and test items assigned to certain thematic blocks.

Bottom Line As you can see, today, there are a huge number of resources that are designed to help you learn English grammar. Only by understanding the grammatical foundations of the language, can you easily formulate sentences and express your thoughts.

Grammar is the foundation of any language. The more you do, the more effective and faster the educational process is. English has a clear structure and strict rules. That is why it is one of the most common languages of international communication. However, there are many pitfalls in English grammar. Purposefulness and a systematic approach will lead you to success!

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