7 Best and Free Game Booster Apps for Android [2019 Updated List]  7 Best and Free Game Booster Apps for Android [2019 Updated List]
News,Android    05/25/2019

7 Best and Free Game Booster Apps for Android [2019 Updated List]

Do you know that you can play games on your phone with smooth gaming performance? Check out these 7 best and free game booster apps for your Android phone to enhance your gaming experience.

Best Game Booster Apps for Android in 2019

Are you tired of the periodic lack of responsiveness while playing your favorite game?

If yes, then below mentioned apps will definitely help you unleash the real performance of your Android/iPhone devices while playing a game.

Through this article, we are showcasing the Best Game Booster Apps which will smartly free up valuable resources and RAM needed for games, resulting in higher frames per second and smoother gaming performance.

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Let’s jump right in.

Here’s all you need to know!

Android - a perfect companion for game lovers & the most widely-used operating system available today; meaning having the best game speed booster app installed on your device is essential as sooner or later you may start experience lagging while playing your favorite games.

With technological advancements reaching its apex, the gaming experience on Android is unmatchable.

This is when you need a game booster app which will not only speed up the game but will also deliver a glitch-free gaming experience like never before. 

Based on inclusive study, reliability, and testing, we’ve put together a list of best free game booster apps for Android devices that will help you get better, faster, smoother performance.

7 Best Game Booster Apps for Android

There are plenty of paid and free game optimizer apps available that will speed up your device’s performance with a single touch and will provide you the best gameplay experience.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Advance Phone Cleaner

Advance Phone Cleaner

The name might sound confusing but Advance Phone Cleaner is one of the best android boosting and cleaning application that offers a variety of features such as Game Booster, Speed Booster, CPU Cooler, Junk Cleaner, Antivirus, Application Manager, and many more.

It optimizes memory and closes unnecessary background apps to provide a fast-paced gaming experience.

This app seamlessly deletes junk files such as app cache, system cache, temp files, APK files, residual data, and empty folders to free up valuable storage space and lets you play games effortlessly, swiftly, and lag free.

Advance Phone Cleaner app is a compact, light, powerful, fast all-in-one game booster android apk (app) that optimizes your device for gaming with the best background service.

Download: Advance Phone Cleaner

2. Dr. Booster

Dr. Booster

As the name suggests, Dr. Booster is a dedicated tool that optimizes the CPU, RAM and many other components to help you play smoothly.

This app seamlessly terminates the unwanted background processes and powerfully boosts your device speed performance with a single touch on the floating boost button.

With more than 10 million users, Dr. Booster lets you play your favorite mobile games without any issues or lagging by freeing up storage space and cache memory.

Download: Dr. Booster

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3. Game Booster

Game Booster

If you’re looking for a one-touch solution to all the gaming-related issues then you should try Game Booster.

This app will boost your game speed performance, enabling you to play your games faster and without any hassle.

So, what are you waiting for? Download this game speed booster now and optimize your Android device for a smother and stable gaming experience.

Download: Game Booster

malware crusher

4. Game Booster & Launcher

Game Booster & Launcher

Game Booster & Launcher is one of the best game optimizer tools that is an easy, intuitive, and hassle-free way to make your game run faster.

This app kills all the unnecessary background apps, allows you to optimize the RAM and clear the junk files to improve the overall performance of your android.

So, if you are a gamer who loves to play shooting, racing, and high-end action games then this booster app is perfect for you.

Download: Game Booster & Launcher

5. Game Booster - One Tap Advanced Speed Booster

Game Booster - One Tap Advanced Speed Booster

Game Booster from Photo Tools is one of the most elegant game management and booster app which aims to give you the best glitch-free experience by solving RAM-Memory and lag issues in games.

This is a powerful, all-in-one app (App Launcher, Booster & Speed Optimizer) that gives you the best gameplay experience by removing the unused apps and tasks from the memory.

Download Game Booster for free and bring your gameplay experience to the next level! 

Download: Game Booster - One Tap Advanced Speed Booster

 6. Game Booster - Speed up your games

Game Booster – Speed up your games

Game Booster from TechAppLab is one of the most engaging tools to boost up your mobile speed while playing games.

It is currently rated among the best android tools which make a suitable environment for you to play games at very fast speed by cooling down CPU.

So, download this amazing application and play your favorite games as long as you want with ever-lasting gaming performance.

Download: Game Booster – Speed up your games

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7. Speed Booster - Ram, Battery & Game Speed Booster

Speed Booster - Ram, Battery & Game Speed Booster

Speed Booster is one of the most efficient game optimizer tools that can easily clean junk files, fix device lagging issues and cool down your CPU's temperature to greatly improve your phone’s processing speed.

It can instantly optimize the performance of your Android device, which includes improving gaming experience, cleaning cache, and removing junk files.

Speed Booster might come last in the list of Best Game Booster Apps for Android in 2019, but it is definitely worth to download.

Download: Speed Booster - Ram, Battery & Game Speed Booster

Final Verdict

The Apps listed above are some of the best game booster apps for Android on the basis of ease and popularity.

So, if you love mobile gaming, you can also check our list of some of the best offline shooting games for an Android platform by trying the above best game booster apps.

You can get all of these apps on the Google Play Store for free; use them and enjoy the best gameplay experience by fixing phone lag and RAM-memory issues in games. 

Image Source: Google Play Store


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