Best Microphones for Speech, Voice and Podcasting 2019 [Latest Update] Best Microphones for Speech, Voice and Podcasting 2019 [Latest Update]
News    06/25/2019

Best Microphones for Speech, Voice and Podcasting 2019 [Latest Update]

Are you looking for the best microphones? Check our list of the best microphones for Speech, Voice & Podcasting to make your voice sound deep and smooth.

A microphone is the need of today’s world and is widely used all around the globe.

And you definitely need it whether you are going to hit the fiery speech, record the voice for let’s say YouTube, or record the worldly-famous podcasting series.

You need a good one that is going to bring the best of the work at the table without getting worried for a second about having the low-quality and glitchy microphone.

That is the core reason we are putting up this guide to actually get you the best microphones for speech, voice, and podcasting which are hot enough to be at your disposal in the year 2019 because the latest microphones are the best-deliverer of the quality. And can actually bear all the tears and wears you will cause with the intensive use. 

Best Microphone for speech, voice & podcasting

All three mediums require only quality and voice. In light of this, the best of the excellent quality microphones are all we need. Worry not as I am going to get the best microphones all listed for you.

Best microphone for speech

And here we start with our first selection of the best microphone and that too for the doing the exclusive speech with much ease.

Philips LFH-3500 SpeechMike Microphone

Record the voice like a pro! And that is ONLY possible when you have a good mic in your hand.

Philips… Who does NOT know the reputation the Philips has?

So, Philips has this brilliant mic made just for the purpose to deliver the remarkable speech. This free-floating microphone set makes you do the precise recording.

The control panel with everything being placed on the front allows handling the microphone with ease.

Shaped with the ergonomic design has this Philips LFH-3500 speech microphone to stay in your hands and does not let it slip or does not make you feel tired after handing it for a long time.

The built-in motion sensor intelligently judges when the microphone is not in use and goes muted itself. 

Easy mouse control is made possible thanks to the smooth, self-cleaning trackball. 

Enjoy the crystal clear recording to deliver the best speech as this microphone comes with the metal grille that has more holes opened and that does not break and cut the voice.

Let’s make the Philips LFH-3500 microphone your speech friend!

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The best microphone for voice

We have it. We certainly have another best microphone found just for your great voice.

Yeti USB Microphone by Blue

Yeti or Blue Yeti, this microphone has a reputation.

Often called out the Blue Yeti mic., it has been the one successful microphone that is so-loved by millions of people.

You want the voice during gameplay, record the YouTube video, hitting the voice call, or do any other things where the voice is the primary factor; Blue Yeti will take care of all of the voice tasks with the so-brilliant quality.

Loaded with three different condensers to actually make it able to record the voice in any kind of situation where you are surrounded by the rush causing the unnecessary voices being generated but the Blue Yeti mic. will reduce the level of unnecessary voices to get in.

Get the best frequency rate from 20KHz to 20Hz, and you can quickly turn the microphone into any pattern from cardioid to bidirectional and from omnidirectional to stereo.

Needs only 5V and 150mA to power it up and the buttons would allow you to gain the control using the volume to go up and down and mute it all.

Plug it into any of the USB port and you are good to go!

So… Expect it to work in recording the best voice because it will!

Best microphone for podcasting

Podcast? Are you a fan of the podcasts?

And what does it really require to get started with? A microphone. One best quality microphone.

USB Podcast Condenser Microphone from Fifine

A simple-looking microphone does perform the best.

And so is this podcast microphone loaded with the condenser and presented by Fifine, it definitely makes the place to become one best-quality podcasting microphone.

Get it plugged into the USB and see it readying you to record your best-ever podcast

With the volume knob, take control of the volume to make it go up, down, and even mute merely with your own fingertips.

Constructed with the metal for longevity and durability, with the integrated and adjustable tripod to properly place the microphone over your work desk along with 6-feet long USB cable.

The cardioid pattern makes your voice to get a recording with the much-optimized clarity where most of the microphones fail. 

All in all, that is going to be your one best investment to make it part of your inventory to start delivering the best podcasts!

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The Conclusion!

We are at the end now…But we have and we got the three best microphone for speech, voice, and podcasting.

Use of the microphones under these three situations, you will get ONLY the best performing, the best quality microphone and nothing else.

But wait...

Heard of the term ‘choir’? That is another kind of situation where the microphone is the only problem-solver.

And for problem-solving, the thing here is to find the best choir microphones that are well under the budget.

Beware of the fact then…Never underestimate you would make things work with the average-quality microphones because they would not last for long.

Because if you got any of the reason out of the three and you require the mic., be very aware of the fact that cheap would not really work

So… Find the Best!

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