Best Phone Cleaning app for Android - Advanced Phone cleaner Best Phone Cleaning app for Android - Advanced Phone cleaner
News,Android    05/02/2019

Best Phone Cleaning app for Android - Advanced Phone cleaner

Download best phone cleaning and optimization tools with space cleaner and free antivirus for android devices, helps keep phone clean and safe from virus.

Advanced Phone Cleaner - Review by team HTRI

Phone cleaning app for Android is the need of an hour today. Without a phone cleaner, the survival of an Android user is on the stake. This is why ‘How To Remove It’ has reviewed a cleaner app.

With technological advancements reaching its apex, the Android platform has become an unshakable entity in the A-listers. Millions of apps have been developed and are still developing to add up to the ginormous list.

performance boost with Advanced Phone Cleaner

These apps are downloaded by millions of Android users worldwide to enhance the functioning of their Android tablets and smartphones. The grey side of downloading these apps is generally not revealed and understood by Android device developers and operators.

Constant usage, installation, and uninstallation of various apps on an Android gadget hamper it. With no arguments, Android is one of the most flexible and user-friendly platforms and that its maintenance is lowest but still is it not a good idea to clean your phone at regular intervals?

Many of you might agree to it.

Cleaning and maintaining Android’s health is always a good idea to put into action. You must be wondering how will you clean your Android smartphone or tablet?

Well, there are infinite phone cleaning apps available on the popular Google Play Store.

Out of those infinite apps, the best match for everyone has been streamlined by the experts. The best fit seems to be the Advanced Phone Cleaner.

How can Advanced Phone Cleaner Help You?

It has fabulous features that are capable of providing you with a smartphone or tablet that is not only clean but managed, protected and runs on a higher speed than before.

Leave all your smartphone and tablet hassles to this amazing phone cleaning app and relax. All in one Android cleaner is a designation this app is on.

Let this app be your recliner and you need to do only one thing ‘chill out’. It's easy to use features are designed so as to cut out your mental load.

Features of Advanced Phone Cleaner

The main features of this app as highlighted on the home screen

           Manage your Android device efficiently with Advanced Phone Cleaner

  1. Junk Cleaner- Did you know even your smartphone or tablet can suffer from bloating? Irrespective of new or old, a device can clutter up with a huge number of useless files which will eat up space and slow down the operable speed.
    Hence it is very important to keep the device prim and protected from such waste files. Junk Cleaner is an amazing tool developed especially for the purpose of flushing out the waste files out of the device giving you a
    clean phone. This feature delivers a device that is clean, fast and spacious.

  1. Speed Booster Can you work on a device that is slow? I believe, NO is the answer. The slow speed of a smartphone or tablet is directly proportional to the level of frustration.
    On a device, there is a limitation of storage space while the users tend to suffocate the device by downloading countless apps for their ease. This confiscates the RAM and storage space making the device run slower than usual.
    Speed Booster can tackle such issues by freeing up the RAM which results in increased speed.

  1. Antivirus- An Android smartphone or tablet may not prompt you immediately for the presence of a virus, it may signal you about the same by behaving oddly, but that will be too late for you. Keeping an Antivirus in your device is definitely a good idea.
    It will
    clean your phone of viruses and malware. This Antivirus aims to protect you from the latest developed threats as it keeps its database updated all the time.
    Strong protection offered by Advanced Phone Cleaner

  1. Battery Booster- Manual battery saving is not enough to support a battery life that is long and healthy. Turning off the internet, Wi-Fi when not in use, deducting brightness, etc are weak methods adopted earlier to manually save the battery.
    With new age advancements, the perception and usage have been changed. Battery Booster is the new savior which is capable of saving the battery duration for a considerable time span. It becomes the lender of the last resort when you are running out of battery.

  1. Social Cleaner- Social media handles have become an integral part of the lives of almost everyone. We love to share and receive media files like photos, videos, audio, etc. This downloading and uploading can take up the space that resides on a phone.
    Social Cleaner of the
    clean phone app which is Advanced Phone Cleaner is an effective cleaner that cleans all the received photos, videos that are saved in your phone gallery. This frees up space and manages the smartphone or tablet to look more organized.

  1. Duplicates Cleaner- Do you love to click photos by your phone? Well if yes then you surely need something like Duplicate Photos Cleaner. It will sort those photos for you and delete all the look-alike or duplicate photos from your phone.
    Most of us don’t even bother to delete the duplicate or similar photos from our gallery as we are just too lazy to do that. But why to worry when Duplicate photo cleaner is here.
    It will quickly scan all your photos according to GPS, Level of similarity, and Distance. It will then display all the duplicate photos which are on your phone. You can select and delete them.
    malware crusher

No! We are not done here. There are other features as well mentioned below that the app encloses.

  1. Game Booster- Gaming is one of the most acceptable reasons why people are surging towards buying an Android device. CPU of a smartphone or tablet is occupied almost all the time.
    Playing your favorite games without any lag is generally a far sight. Game Booster works upon this issue by allocating all the resources of the CPU to focus only on the game. This not only will speed up the game but also will give results of glitch-free gaming experience.

  1. Application Manager- Are you tired of taking multiple steps while uninstalling apps? There are many apps that stay unused on the device hogging on the storage, speed, and battery.
    Take the backup of APKs and uninstall the apps using the Application Manager. It can be used for both single or batch uninstall. You can, later on, choose to restore the app using ‘Restore’ button.

  1. CPU Cooler- If you are working regularly for a long time, you would want a break to revive your energy. Same goes with mobile phones. A smartphone has many apps which are used too often by the user.
    Many of these apps result in excessive heating procedures in a short period of time. CPU Cooler has the ability to cool down the processor of the mobile phone.
    It usually displays the temperature on which your phone is operating and then gives you the best chances to cool it down in just a single tap.
    NOTE: Excessive temperature can decrease the functioning of your phone.

  1. Secure Browser- A secure browser will keep all your searches and browsing with itself and will take them to its grave. It provides you the best feature with which your privacy is restricted only to you.
    Nothing will be recorded in the browser history, no cookies, and no cache. Sounds amazing right! This also ensures that none of your searches is being tracked by anyone.
    But, you know what the most unbelievable part is? The secure browser can help you in ditching the paywall protection of some websites and you can use it for free.

  1. File Manager- Managing files can be a very difficult task, trust me on this. Suppose you have a lot of pictures or videos in the gallery and you want to search for a picture which you clicked back in 2018.
    Will you start scrolling your gallery to 2018? NO! This is where the File Manager steps in to reduce your problems of finding a particular file or document. All the files, folders, documents, APKs and media in your device which you don’t use any longer just occupy space in your phone.
    It will give you an option to preview and delete those unused files. Once you are done with this, you will get a well-managed device in your hand.

    Manage files with Advanced Phone Cleaner

    Keeping your phone’s space full can affect speed and processing.

  1. Device Information- Want to know what is the model number of your device, on what Android version is your mobile running, how much storage you have in your phone? Well, the basic process to know all this is to go into the settings menu find them all at different places.
    With Device Information feature, you can save your time in opening the settings menu and looking for all the information of your device. It provides you with all the information in a defined order in a single window.

  1. Real-time Protection- As the technology is advancing day by day Real-Time Protection is a must in every smartphone. This will protect the device from all types of viruses and malware attacks.
    Suppose your phone doesn’t have Real-Time Protection and you install an app from Google Play Store. This app has some kind of infection bundled in it. Without Real-Time Protection your device is under major risk in such circumstances.
    But if your smartphone has Real-time Protection enabled then it will protect your phone by standing in between the virus and your phone like a SHIELD (
    Just like Avengers are standing in between Thanos and his cruel intentions).

  1. Notification Manager- You are in some important work and you haven’t used your phone. You might be having many notifications on your phone till now, be it from WhatsApp, Snapchat, text messages or missed calls.
    You will have to go through each notification one by one if you don’t have a Notification Manager. This might result in high chances of missing out some important notifications.
    But, if there is a Notification Manager on your phone then this task can be simplified. It will bundle all the notifications in a single bar badging the app icon. This will surely help you to go through each notification easily without missing out an important one.

Examining the details in this phone cleaner app review has delivered a conclusion which is, that the Advanced Phone Cleaner is one of the best cleaners for Android phone.



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