What is the Best Tabletop for the Standing Desk? What is the Best Tabletop for the Standing Desk?
News    11/29/2019

What is the Best Tabletop for the Standing Desk?

The ability to work while standing is a standard job requirement in the United States and Europe. This is how designers, programmers, managers, and other employees who spend a lot of time at the desktop work.

To increase the employees’ efficiency at their working place many company owners try to implement a standing desk technology. These unique tables allow using office space effectively and provide office workers with the spae for variations required to reveal their creativeness.

How to Choose the Appropriate Standing Desk

But when searching for the most multifunctional and at the same time, convenient standing desk the user has to be aware of what size of the table tops is exactly needed to provide the relevant level of effectiveness in terms of the office environment.

Definitely, the giant tabletop is quite convenient and allow placing on its surface pretty much stuff which can not be a great plus for office worker.

However, in the case of the standing desk technology, the weight of the tabletop and its dimensions is one of the most important parameters that should be taken into account in advance. Choosing suitable tabletops, customers need to focus on their sizes. There are some standards that are usually applied to different models produced for specific cases.

Different manufacturers, nevertheless make furniture not only by standards but also by their own parameters. Therefore, sometimes difficulties occur when choosing the right option.

The height of the standing should correspond to the height of the person who is supposed to use it, even taking into account that the tabletop can change its height, the minimum and the maximum height should be noteу.

For example, the minimum tabletop height in some cases may be too big for really small kids, they would probably need something smaller than the professional automated office tables for sitting and standing work. The width of the tabletop can also have different parameters.

It is believed that the 60-centimeters tabletop width is too small since several people cannot use it simultaneously.

That is why the dimensions of PA standing desks have two options that allow customers to choose the parameters that would be suitable for their case. You can check more detailed information about standing desks on the Progressive Desk website. 

Why Use Standing Desk?

The standing desk is the technology with height adjustment that allows customers to create comfortable workplaces. It is often necessary in order to please all family members, but at the same time not to purchase several pieces of furniture.

Activation of the lifting mechanism helps to adjust the optimum height of the working surface. And this feature allows using the same piece of office furniture by several people making it be the perfect option for offices where the work in shifts is the common thing.

The main advantage of the standing desk design is the convenience and ability to work in a standing position. Thanks to the multifunctionality, customers can easily change the position of the racks and turn the table, for example, into a bar counter or everything they want with the appropriate tabletop height.

How to Control Automated Standing Desks?

This electrically controlled mechanism can be powered using the alternative and direct current. The vertical surface adjustment itself is carried out by pressing a special button of the remote control panel attached to the tabletop surface.

The operating mechanism of this modern table are electric linear actuators built-in the table frame to provide the linear motion automation.

They work by transforming the rotational motion of the motor into the straight-forward linear motion. This lifting method currently is regarded as the most convenient and comfortable when compared with previous methods.

These highly-technological solutions can provide the linear motion automation powerful enough to lift not only the weight of the tabletop itself but also computer monitor and everything else what the ordinary office worker can place on its surface including his own weigh when leaning on the tabletop surface.

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