6 Best Websites to Trace & Locate People in the USA 6 Best Websites to Trace & Locate People in the USA
News    08/07/2020

6 Best Websites to Trace & Locate People in the USA

In this era of smartphones and the internet, everyone leaves a trail no matter how less he comes online. And these trails can be used to trace and locate anyone in any country around the world.

Though people's data is located on the internet, only tech-savvy people were able to access it to track someone back in time. But now, finding someone on the internet has been made easy since the advent of social media sites, and people search engines. You can track and locate someone by using these sites without any hassle. Here are the six best websites you can use to find anyone you want.


When it comes to tracing people online, the first name that comes to mind is Radaris. It is a popular search engine that facilitates us to do free people search in the USA.

Radaris is used by people and agencies to find someone's contact address, do reverse phone lookup, do property checks, find social media profiles, criminal background, etc. Radaris gets data not only from big sites but also from platforms we do not even know. Looking up someone's data using Radaris is free.

Radaris has an Android & iOS App, which makes it one of the best and convenient free people search engines to use.


Spokeo is another people's search engine to track down someone easily. Like Radaris, it has a massive database of people's contact, address, social records extracted from directories, social media sites, federal documents, etc.

You can do a background check on someone using Spokeo and get the results in a single click. You have to enter the person's name and zip code into the search bar and click on the search icon, and it will show up the results.

Spokeo's only drawback is that you will have to create an account before you can perform a search to trace anyone.


BeenVerified is another people's search engine used by millions of users to trace people in less time. Instead of roaming on the internet, you can use the BeenVerified People Lookup Tool to get necessary information about someone. To get advanced details like background report, criminal records, phone location, etc., you need to get a paid subscription.

With BeenVerified, you can even do reverse property checkups to locate the property owner and get further details about him using the people lookup tool.


If you are looking to locate a long lost friend, or someone you had a crush on while you were in school, you can use alumni.net to locate them. Alumni is the largest database of alumni in the USA.

You can find them in the list by selecting the school you studied and then the year you graduated and hit enter. After that, you will be asked to enter the name of the one you are looking for. Once you open it, you will get the results that include their address, contact number, etc.


Google is known to everyone who uses a smartphone. It is the largest search engine that crawls almost every page that is present on the internet. Since all of this data about people is present on Google, with the right commands, you can trace almost anyone who has a trace online.

To find someone on Google, search their name within double-quotes. For example, if you want to trace John Alderson, perform a query like "John Alderson." It will show results about people named John Alderson. If the name is common, you can add their profession and place. Like "John Alderson" "Broker" "Illinois". This will show results about John Alderson who is a broker by profession based in Illinois.


Facebook, the biggest social media site, is the best website to find friends and relatives. Though it does not give much about the user except which he wants to show, it can still be used if you're going to take insights on someone.

You can search your relatives or friends by name, and it will show their profiles if you have any friends in common with that person. But sometimes searching can be robust for people with a familiar name. For that, you can search using their contact number to locate their profile.

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