Is it a Good Idea to Automate all Customer Service? Is it a Good Idea to Automate all Customer Service?
News    05/03/2019

Is it a Good Idea to Automate all Customer Service?

Do you think that it is a good idea to put the customer service on automation for the users? Well there are many cons and pros of automate customer service.

Automation is all around us. No matter what industry or sector you work in, you will no doubt have encountered automation in some form or another, whether it's in the form of robots working on a production line or software that automates your back-office end of day procedures.

Although some people working in certain jobs are afraid that automation could threaten their work, there are also many people who can't wait for automation to become more common in their profession. Equally, there are plenty of businesses who are experimenting with various implementations of automation to see whether it can be of use to them.

Customer service might not be the first department you think of when you think of automation opportunities, but it is becoming an increasingly common target for these technologies.


Can automation improve your customer service?

Let's take a look.

Streamline Your Processes

One of the most important metrics for measuring how effective your customer service processes are is your response time. The faster you respond to support tickets, the more efficient your procedures are. Of course, as well as responding to tickets, you also need to measure how quickly you are actually resolving the tickets.

Automatically diverting support to people with the right know-how to solve their issue will dramatically speed up the process. Automation is a fantastic way of doing this and the systems for doing so are becoming more sophisticated.

Lower Your Costs

Businesses are always looking for ways to lower their general costs and automation is one of the main ways that they achieve this today. By utilizing an all in one helpdesk system, like SysAid’s help desk software, you can enable your IT support to do more with less.  An all-in-one customer management system like SysAid makes it much easier to track and resolve tickets. Check out their website for more information.

Investing in better customer service will ultimately earn your business money through customer retention. Customers who would otherwise abandon you might be convinced to stay on if you are able to offer them excellent customer service and resolve their issues.

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Reduce Friction for the Customer

Long waits and slow response time are a common pain point for customers when they reach out to customer support for assistance. An automated customer service system ensures that customer issues are dealt with quickly and simply.

Ensuring that the entire process of reporting an issue and having it resolved is as painless as possible for your customers will go a long way to ensuring their loyalty and satisfaction. You should always be thinking about the long game with your customers and do all you can to retain their business for as long as possible.

When it is deployed correctly, automation can be game-changing. While some sectors of the economy are struggling to adapt to a more automated world, there are also a great many that are reaping the benefits. Invest in customer service automation today and make this the first day of a totally new customer service regime.


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