Building Bricks-and-Mortar Brands in a High-Tech World: What Casinos can Teach You about Marketing Building Bricks-and-Mortar Brands in a High-Tech World: What Casinos can Teach You about Marketing
News    03/24/2020

Building Bricks-and-Mortar Brands in a High-Tech World: What Casinos can Teach You about Marketing

Whoever told you that bricks-and-mortar is dead hasn't been to a casino lately. From Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States to London to Monte Carlo to the Bahamas and beyond,

bricks-and-mortar casinos continue to draw real, live crowds and set revenue records. And they're doing it with magical marketing that combines old-school, time-tested techniques and online innovations. In fact, casinos are so effective that the global gaming market is expected to be worth $565 billion by 2022.

Yes, there's a lot you can learn from casino marketing.

Here's a look at six casino marketing tips and tricks you can use to build your brand--whether you're running a business online or through a bricks-and-mortar model:

1. Customer Royalty Leads to Customer Loyalty

If there's one thing casinos understand, it's that it costs a lot more to secure a first-time customer than it does to keep the customers you already have. 

That's why they treat their returning customers so well--treating them like royalty leads to loyalty. 

Casinos are masters of loyalty marketing. They go out of their way to make loyal customers feel special, offering perks, discounts, delicious freebies and more. If you want to build your brand into something bigger, start by treating your current customers like kings and queens.

2. Digital Marketing Drives People Through the Doors

These days, almost everybody is online, which means you need to have an online presence even if all of your business is done face-to-face. 

Take a look at the world's finest casinos. They're all using online advertising to drive people through the doors. They're exciting, aspirational and engaging. And they work. So if even if you don't sell your products or services online, you still need to be on the internet with advertising. 

3. You've Got to Be Bold

What industry sells dreams that almost never come true? Why gaming, of course.

Based on casino marketing campaigns, you'd think that gamblers around the world were constantly winning hundreds of thousands of dollars, taking all-expense-paid dream vacations and driving around in new cars.

In reality, most casino customers don't get rich playing slots, blackjack, poker or craps. Most are there for the fun and fantasy--and that's what casino marketing sells in big, bold terms. 

4. It's All About the Options

If there's one thing today's consumers want, it's options. Casinos used to be entirely bricks-and-mortar businesses. But then the internet came along and they started migrating online. And it paid off, big time.

The industry overall is thriving because customers have both bricks-and-mortars and online options. They can visit Las Vegas, London, Monte Carlo or Macau for their gaming. Or they can get their fix online on sites like ComeOn Casino and other options. The bottom line is that the industry is growing because it is committed to offering plenty of options. 

5. Embrace Experimentation

Albert Einstein once said that the measure of intelligence is the ability to change. If he was right, casino marketing professionals are as genius as he was.

Can you imagine what would have happened to the casino industry if it had refused to move to online gaming? It probably would have gone the way of landline telephones, print journalism and compact discs. It would be dead and gone by now. 

But instead, casinos embraced technology, expanded to online gaming and put their marketing dollars online, where their customers were increasingly heading. And it paid off. So be willing to experiment. Don't be afraid of new technology Embrace it. Leverage it. And use it to help build your brand. 

6. It's About Building Relationships

Back around the turn of the century, marketing professionals used to talk about building a customer base. Thankfully a lot has changed since then. In the 20 years since Y2K, businesses have focused less on customer bases and more on relationships--and casinos have been on the forefront of the movement.

Casinos understand that customers, both current and prospective, have never had more information or options. With a few simple keystrokes, customers can connect with almost any business or brand in the world. And when they reach out to your company, you've got to be ready. 

You've got to have first-class customer service. You've got to be aware of and responsive to online reviews. You've got to make it easy for people to compliment and, yes, even complain And you've got to say thank you. 

If you do these things--like the casinos do--you can build a successful bricks-and-mortar brand, even if the world is becoming increasingly high-tech.

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