Did Facebook eavesdrop on you? Facebook caught listening to Messenger clips Did Facebook eavesdrop on you? Facebook caught listening to Messenger clips
News    11/19/2019

Did Facebook eavesdrop on you? Facebook caught listening to Messenger clips

Is Facebook eavesdropping on you? Facebook is considered as one of the famous social media platforms and that's true! Would you believe that such a dignified company hired contractors to listen to your messenger audio clips and transcribe them?

Known by a new update Revealed! On Tuesday, a piece of news has been reported by Bloomberg that the contractors were asked- why they were copying or transcribing the clips or why they were observing or monitoring these messenger audio chats!

The company also reported Bloomberg that much similar to Google & Apple, they have also stopped listening to human content on messenger more than a week ago.

Moreover, the company also verified and confirmed in the report by saying that they are no longer deciphering the messenger clips.

Now, Users can even choose the option for having their voice chats transcribed on Facebook’s Messenger app- said the social media giant.

It also revealed that the contractor was examining the technology of Artificial Intelligence, just to make sure that- Are the messages were suitably transcribed from voice to text or not?

Previously, Facebook commented that they are reading the messages on its app called Messenger App.

But, “Zuckerberg, who is the CEO of the company stated that- We block all types of sensational messages If found while doing the chatting!

Additionally, Mark Zuckerberg told Bloomberg that being the talks in the messenger app private, Facebook browses the conversations & uses a similar tool, just to secure if any abuse found on the social network. Whatever Facebook monitors, it's just the same for any big tech company.

In the month of April, Bloomberg first reported that Amazon employed tons of workers, to listen to the people’s private dialogues with Alexa on Echo devices.

The discussions between the two parties were transcribed, to enhance technology and software. Users have an option to pick this review-Amazon said.

For Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant, similar decipher & listening practices have also seen. However, both companies declared that they have now omitted these practices.

As per Facebook’s data policy ” We collect the information, content, and other data at the time of using our products, along with when you create a new account, sign up for your existing account, chats, clips, or even share content with other”.

Additionally, the policy also mentioned that the company ” Analyze the context, to automatically process the discussions & content, exchanged between you and the others. Also, tracks What’s in them.”

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A series of questionable policies were launched by Facebook and it was even caught by a $5 billion penalty, as a part of an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission over a privacy breach in the last month.

False practices while gathering the user's phone numbers, utilization of facial recognition technology without the user's consent, and sharing users' private information with the third-party software, these were the violations that were included.

Well, the update is that the Digital Trends reached to Facebook, to clarify on its eavesdropping behavior on its transcribing messenger clips or chats, but we have not received any response from their end till date.

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