5 Emerging Technologies in 2020 Poised to Transform the Future of Work 5 Emerging Technologies in 2020 Poised to Transform the Future of Work
News    01/10/2020

5 Emerging Technologies in 2020 Poised to Transform the Future of Work

Technology is breaking into everything we know and do. Where it is still some years to go before, we get into a full-on automated world, 2020 is poised to be the year of tech.

The very way work gets done in offices and our surroundings is about to change for the better. Technology brings great efficiency in our work routines easing out things that have been rather hard.

Where in the past, paper-based work in offices has ruled, future looks to be paperless. Many other emerging technologies are designed to have a huge impact on the way work got done around us.

New appearing devices in all walks of life will have a major affect on many things. Innovation and creativity are only bound to imagination the way things are moving fast.

Self-driving cars are going to be a thing this year as well. There are many other modern tech trends that will affect the way we have lived our lives in the last.

In this article, we focus on tech trends of 2020 that will affect the way work gets done around us:

1. Paperless Offices Are to Become a Thing

For far too long, we have disregarded the importance of paper ignoring the way it gets made. In simple terms, most of the paper that we use is made from organic materials. Judging by how the world is going about its resources, organic materials are what we need to save.

This is where paperless offices come into the picture. Offices and work spaces have used most amount of paper in the past. This has been changing slowly over the past few years and 2020 seems to be the year for this trend.

Tech based solutions will replace paper and influence the way work had been done.

Many paper-based offices that are still old school are expected to pickup this paperless trend. Mostly, laptops, tablets like iPads and other smart devices will make this shift happen this year.

Overall impact will be great on economical side of things and also to preserve nature in the best way possible.

2. Digital Document Sharing Is Moving Fast

Emphasizing more on a paperless work routine, digital document sharing is fast becoming a thing as well. With new creative devices like the modern iPads and Android devices, even signing documents on them is now possible.

This new technology is taking great shape towards paperless everything.

People have been able the share documents between digital devices for a long time. 2020 and further improvements in technology have made great grounds for this trend to move further along.

Digital document sharing is now being incorporated in all new smartphones including IOS and Android ones.

This trend will definitely have a huge impact on the way office-based work got done in the past. Quick document sharing will speed up managerial processes giving way to much faster work routines. Efficiency will increase with digital document sharing all across the board.

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3. Tech Devices to Penetrate Business Events

Business events are of great importance for everyone. Events like tradeshows, board meetings, product launch events and more are set to become even more advanced.

Leading business organizations have been having advanced events for some time now. They have had the means to use tech as well.

2020 is expected to break this trend into smaller and medium sized business corporations as well. With availability of iPad Hire and other tech rental devices improving every year, businesses are now able to hire expensive devices for much less than they have costed for a long time.

Laptops, iPads, Smartphones, VR devices and large LED wall types are expected to be seen on more events.

Even private gatherings and meetings will incorporate these as their availability on rental basis is improving greatly. Businesses can save a great deal while get full functionality of tech devices as well.

4. Automated Homes to Rise in 2020

Shifting the work routines to the home side of things, modern automated homes are fast becoming a thing. 2019 saw some of the best home controlling AI based devices being introduced.

2020 will see these break through into more homes quickly.There are many devices and platforms to choose from.

Options like the Google Home, Apple’s HomeKit platform, Nest systems, Amazon Echo Dot and more are improving greatly. People are endorsing these devices more as well.

Every new tech event seems to introduce new home controlling AI devices that will be used in more homes this year and more after.

These automated homes are sure to change the way work got done around homes. Even cleaning robots are now being incorporated in modern homes as well. Big scale adaptation of these modern devices with optimized homes will become more popular in the coming years.

5. Portable Computing with Modern Tablets

Since Apple introduced the iPad Pro couple of years ago, tablets have been getting better. Even though no other tablet has yet come close to offering the same functionality as the iPad, competition is also catching up.

Then you also have the Windows-based solutions for portable computing as well.

These portable powerful computers that can be taken anywhere are sure to change the way work got done. Portable internet systems pair with them and provide all any work person needs for remote performance.

Microsoft Surface Pro is another great product that is changing the computing ways.

The iPad Pro is available from advanced iPad Hire and tech rental companies. You can get test out their full functionality by renting them out for any number of days. These tablets are truly poised to provide portable virtual meetings and remote work stations wherever whenever you need.

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Bottom Line

Technology is changing fast. Where it is developed to help us work more efficiently, there will always be risks attached. For starters, more automated workplaces will have lesser number of humans getting jobs and offering their services.

There is a delicate balance between good use of technology and going overboard with it. However, intelligent use of tech devices is poised to make our lives better and change the way work has been done in the past.

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