How To Select The Proper Firewall To Ensure Your Website Security How To Select The Proper Firewall To Ensure Your Website Security
News    05/28/2019

How To Select The Proper Firewall To Ensure Your Website Security

Ensure your WordPress website security using most popular web application firewalls. Protect the WordPress site against most threats, malware and potential attacks.

WordPress is a convenient tool for people who want to set up dynamic websites. But, most of them face difficulties when choosing a defense system. You will find more than 1000 options if you simply type the word “security” in the WordPress search. Nevertheless, the problem of choice is still very actual. Which app is the most reliable? Let's figure it out.


This WordPress firewall list includes the most popular Web Application Firewalls on WP today. None will regret if chooses one of them.


1.  iThemes Security

We will start our list with iThemes Security because it is used on more than 700,000 sites. In order to secure your WP site, there are at least 30 options available. After setting up, just let the widget to do its job. It performs the searching removing and protecting tasks from alias programs. This software can easily be customized by both beginners and advanced users.

iThemes protects against most threats. It blocks malicious accounts, tracks changes in base files, keeps reliable passwords, hides admin page, etc.


2.  Clean Talk

The Clean Talk is a proactive widget against possible hacking interference. It promotes both GET and POST means and replies to dynamic resources. WAF proceeds all requests to your site and prevents potential attacks such as Xros Site Scripting (XSS), SQL-injections, loading files from non-authorized users, PHP code or constructions, the presence of malicious codes in the downloaded files.

Today, more than 341 thousand websites trust Clean Talk.

 malware crusher

3.  Sucuri

This is the premium-quality widget for WordPress with a good reputation. The developers have done a good job, following the current trends in the security field.

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For WordPress, this app has a free of charge software for accurate analyzing, available options to rise your website security and malware scanners. The app provides a whole cycle to detect and stop attacks and your website hacking. It includes WAF firewall, malware removing service and antivirus. You can also ask the support team if you have any questions.


4.  Vault Press

Regular backup is also one of the means to ensure the security of the site. For a considerable price, Vault Press provides its clients with backups and security systems. The number of functions also includes regular website scanning, automated backups, and technical support. If the site is still able to be hacked, then Vault Press very quickly returns you control over it.


5.  Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security is a good defence configuration app that is accessible in both paid and free versions. It is used by over a 1’000’000 websites. Its strong Firewall will protect your website from being hacked. It blocks threats, for example, fake Google Bots, Botnets, and so on.


It is always vital to watch out of your site security. It puts you in a better condition compared to those who choose to disregard this issue. Which firewall plugins do you use? Tell us in the comments.



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