4 Android App Development Trends to Look Out For in 2020 4 Android App Development Trends to Look Out For in 2020
News    01/31/2020

4 Android App Development Trends to Look Out For in 2020

Today the cellular devices which slip into our pockets are more advanced than ever. There is no such thing that one cannot do with their mobile phones.

What makes these android devices more powerful is the various apps which are revolutionizing the marketplaces, business models and operating models rapidly, at an alarming rate. A minimal mobile presence is not enough in today’s dynamic and ever-changing virtual world.

The most popular apps which ruled the market until the last year may not have the same potential for it to work progressively in 2020. Merely the implementation of the right mobile app development strategy is not enough; one must incorporate the latest mobile app development trends in their approaches to guarantee their success.

The mobile app industry is one such industry that is continuously improving every single day. To keep up with the increasing demands of the consumers, one must keep changing the process. Here are a few developments in the app industry to look out for, in the year ahead.

The chatbots are on the rise

The users acknowledge chatbots for their precise and quick answers. Chatbots help the consumers meet their requirements, and it is a form of digital application that simulates human-like conversations just like when an individual enters a shopping mall and there are sales representatives to help them with their findings.

There are different kinds of Chatbots. Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri are chatbots in the form of virtual assistants and there are other kinds of Chatbots, which one finds in any mobile apps or websites. Due to many various reason, the chatbots are on the rise and one of the top app development trends in 2020.

The interactive conversational experience that the chatbots offer is versatile and one of the primary reasons for its growing popularity. Integrating this future trending development in your app will ensure that the business witnesses an impressive growth, in the years to come.

Mobile apps for food delivery, online shopping and cab services are tirelessly working on combining the chatbots to their apps. Integrating chatbot to their apps helps the users to resolve their queries quicker, without the need for calling the customer care support.  

The Wearable devices are gaining prominent attention

Fitness bands, smart watches, smart rings, and even trackers are not new to the market. But, these wearable devices have already witnessed a change in how they interact with our android devices. All around the globe, the wearable technology is on the rise and if not already, we can sooner expect wearable technology to be an integral part of our day to day lives.

With the advancement of technology including wearable devices, now healthcare is also moving beyond the traditional methods and adapting to healthcare apps connecting to wearable devices. Each wearable device demands a set platform for its operation.

Therefore, it is essential to keep the option open for developers to infuse their apps with the wearable devices, as the wearable device market is up-and-coming and shows considerable potential. Rise of the fitness tracker and decreasing the dependency on smartphones are the primary wearable trends to look out for in 2020.

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Cloud-based mobile apps

Integrating the mobile app with cloud technology is very crucial for the app development strategy. Cloud technology helps in increasing speed, the security of the apps, processing power, reliability, and helps in dealing with more copious amounts of data at ease.

Hybrid cloud solutions, Evolution of cloud solutions and services and, quantum computing, are a few of the cloud computing trends of mobile apps that will be in great use in 2020. In the building of instant mobile app, cloud technology has a significant role to play.

Mobile apps can easily store colossal data efficiently and carry out complex tasks at ease because of cloud computing. Every app developer must consider integrating with app development strategy with cloud technology.

Enhancement of the security of the mobile 

Cybersecurity is one of those domains which will keep dominating all technological advancements and is also one of the crucial factors to consider when developing an app.

Most of the apps that we regularly use like food delivery apps, cab services apps, and online shopping apps require a payment or a money transaction which calls for an extremely high measure of security in the infrastructure.

The developers must ensure to include trusted payment gateways, embed code encryptions and secure backend and API to assure user safety to the consumer, over the app.

The mobile app industry is developing every day and will continue to do so at an increasing pace. Every new technology on the market has its limitations and its benefits. Identifying the right mobile trending apps and integrating it into your app is what matters and is going to make a massive difference in your business


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