KOTION EACH G2000 USB Gaming Headset Review KOTION EACH G2000 USB Gaming Headset Review
News    10/16/2019

KOTION EACH G2000 USB Gaming Headset Review

Looking for the best USB gaming headset? Read our complete KOTION EACH G2000 gaming headset review for a list of features, specifications, price, and more.

The quality of audio sound from your gaming is one key factor you should consider while playing your game. It always feels excellent when you can hear every detail of the boom!  And many more from the actions playing on your screen.

What they do is completely shift your consciousness into that world of fantasy. A world where you can feel yourself driving that race car, shooting that gun, running, diving and much more.

KOTION is one of the highly renowned companies in the computer games industry, producing some of the high-quality ad functional accessories. Among their top production is the KOTION EACH G2000.

A high-end USB headset with a difference. Because of its super quality features, it ensures your gaming is all fulfilling by giving you the top quality sound effects you need. Above all, it is highly durable, handy and quite efficient to use.

In this review, we have unveiled some of its top features and explains how they make the G2000 model as a go-to asset.


Build for durability and more exceptional performance is this gaming headset, the KOTION EACH G2000. Distinctly, it comes with a robust structure featured by thick extendable overhead band, high-quality leather made earmuffs, braided wire, a volume controller, and a handy mic.

Its earcups conspicuously show the glaring LED lights installed on them thus giving its entire design a cool look relevant for gaming.

When you look at it new from its package, the first thing that will admire is its size.  It comes with a wide arm 45mm and shield-shaped ear cups of about 100mm. The large size earpieces are a significant advantage as they allow for complete coverage of the ear by the leather pads – something we found to bring even more comfort. In addition to this is the sweat issue.

Maybe you have had an experience with those tightly holding headsets before. They cause excess sweating on your ear thus making you all uncomfortable. The G2000 is however different – it is more ventilated due to its less tight holding and breathable materials used in its making.

This headset forms a perfect fit for everyone, even a ten-year-old. Through its highly adjustable headband, it can comfortably measure up with the varied head sizes that wear it. You can always wear it for the most prolonged period you want and still not feel any discomfort as it is light and well padded.

Each G2000 microphone is another useful feature that is quite recognizable. It exhibits an up and down motion through its pivot located in the left ear cup. The mic measures about 9cms long.

In its down position, you can slightly see it with your left eye at a corner. However, it does not distract you from view what is happening on your screen. In its upright position, you will never even feel it – no significant weight it adds on the left ear cup.

In most cases, you will find the Kotion Each G2000 in two colors, blue or orange – black features in both. Whichever you chose, all the elements are ever the same. Meaning, performance quality will as well remain the same.

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Key features and specifications


The KOTION EACH G2000 offers the most reliable connection you can imagine. It features two main connecting cables, one for the mic and another for sound – each a 3.5mm color-coded audio jack.

Additionally, it also comes with a provision for USB connection, which is instead an optional feature mainly for LED back-lighting. However, all the headset’s audio reception and transmission go through the audio jacks, and that is quietly efficient.


Impedance: 32Ohm

Sensitivity: 114dB +/- 3dB

Cable length:  2.2m

Driver diameter: 50mm

Frequency range: 20-20KHz

Connections: USB (LED) + 3.5mm stereo

Microphone sensitivity: -34dB +/- 3dB

Weight: 383g

As you can note, this device will not require any special software or driver installation to work but instead a PC. It can also be a laptop. As such, it is more compatible with different games, including; PS4, XBOX One, or XBOX 360, even if you have an additional new headset adapter.



We were quite pleased with the ultimate performance of the Each G2000 gaming headset model.  Typically, you will find most headsets using 40mm drivers; however, the Kotion Each G2000 uses 51mm magnetic neodymium driver. Meaning, it is far much better.

It produces such loud and well-defined sound that will keep you wholesomely mesmerized in your gaming or podcast. The position of the volume control wheel on the cable is very convenient in volume adjustment while gaming or listening to your favorite music playlist.   


First of all, the microphone position is reasonably far from the face causing no obstruction. Its volume is always average. However, you can either increase or lower it. To do this, you will have to alter specific microphone settings on your computer of game software.

Indeed, you will be able to achieve that specific volume best for proper communication. Otherwise, the G2000’s microphone is one you can count on for quality audio conversation.

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Each time you can feel the detail sound effects in your gaming, you feel more indulged in it. A quality headset such as the KOTION, EACH G2000, will do you a better job in ensuring you enjoy each an every moment in your gaming. It comes with the comfort you need from its quality paddings, less tightly holding caps, and lightweight design, which makes it the best model you can ever have.

Its microphone works quite effectively in any conversation you make. Due to its noise cancellation technology, you can even use it in a noisy environment, and your receiver will still clearly hear what you say.

Its adjustment properties make easy to handle. Whether in upright (off-air) or horizontal position (on air) it will never cause you any destruction. An original model of this design will come with all these super quality features. The G2000 gaming headset is one of the high-end gaming assets you can invest in.

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