GoGoPDF: The Best PDF Converter Option for Entrepreneurs GoGoPDF: The Best PDF Converter Option for Entrepreneurs
News    05/04/2021

GoGoPDF: The Best PDF Converter Option for Entrepreneurs

If you prioritize quality and safety, then GoGoPDF is your best pick.

Entrepreneurs play vital roles in our society. Aside from them benefiting from their work, they help other people by opening more job opportunities and contribute to their community economically. People tend to enjoy their trendy innovations and add more satisfaction to a particular community by deploying more popular brands and products.

However, we cannot deny that technology has driven our usual ways into a more digital one. It is technically not a bad thing, for it has made things a lot easier and more convenient. Entrepreneurs can better track their financial records with these modernized electronic files, such as Excel spreadsheets. But do we know how to maximize them? How about PDFs?

Why Choose GoGoPDF?

Provided how competitive the internet industry has become, why do you need to choose GoGoPDF as your online PDF converter? Well, if you prioritize quality and safety, then GoGoPDF is your best pick. When we say quality, we talk about the caliber of your PDF conversions. Safety correlates to your private and confidential records kept safe and secure.

This PDF converter is essential, especially to entrepreneurs who handle massive data in Excel spreadsheets. Given that most financial records and other accounting-related matters are augmented in these spreadsheets, we must learn to keep them in safer formats. Entrepreneurs need to uncover how to convert Excel to PDF and the other way around.

How To Convert Your Excel Spreadsheet To PDF

GoGoPDF is established with its quality PDF conversions. Your original content stays the same as it is converted to PDF, and they become easier for printing. They also observe professionalism and proper customer privacy by keeping your files within your visuals only. It has an excellent security system to keep sneaky competitors off the perimeter.

  • Converting your Excel spreadsheets to PDF using GoGoPDF is pretty straightforward. Open the web browser you feel most comfortable using and go to https://gogopdf.com/. GoGoPDF can work perfectly with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge.
  • Choose the “Excel to PDF” option.
  • You can manually upload your file by clicking “Select a File,” or you can drag the Excel file from its folder directly to the GoGoPDF dropbox.
  • The upload and conversion process will commence taking only less than fifteen seconds. Timing may vary depending on file size.
  • Download your freshly converted PDF file and choose your designated folder. On the other hand, you can take advantage of its shareable link to send your PDF faster online.

How about converting your PDF to Excel? Yes, it is possible with GoGoPDF, but you have to consider upgrading your subscription. The free PDF converter allows you to convert PDF to Excel but will only give you limited options for content editing. You can try GoGoPDF’s 14-day trial to test out its full PDF conversions and grasp the importance of this subscription.

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Strengthening File Security With GoGoPDF

Again, entrepreneurs highly prefer using web-based platforms that guarantee safety and security for their users. Aside from GoGoPDF is already a safe-to-use platform, it also has the “Protect PDF” function to strengthen your file’s security. You can lock your PDF by optimizing GoGoPDF’s 128-AES encryption protocol and safeguard it with password protection.

Taking Advantage of a Quality PDF Compressor

When handling vast amounts of records, we might end up having an oversized electronic file. If your Excel spreadsheets contain too much data, you can convert them to PDF and take advantage of this quality PDF compressor of GoGoPDF. With PDF compress, you can shrink your file size to its least possible measure without harming its content.

Personalizing Your PDFs With GoGoPDF

Most reports require your approval with a formal document with your affixed signature on it. How do you keep them operational when you are out of town? With GoGoPDF’s e-sign function, you can sign your PDF files anytime and anywhere, provided that you are connected online. Free-hand signature drawing is pretty comfortable with GoGoPDF.

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You can also add more personalizations to your PDF files with GoGoPDF’s editing tools. You can add some drawings, texts, images, and more adjustments with this online PDF tool. GoGoPDF also offers more functions like adding and removing particular pages from your base PDF, which is quite challenging when you do not acquire the appropriate Adobe PDF readers.


While there are various PDF converter tools available online, choosing the right one for specific people is a different story. Professionals and entrepreneurs can ensure quality PDF conversions and file security at the same time when using GoGoPDF.


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