Top Google Chrome Extensions for Your Windows Top Google Chrome Extensions for Your Windows
News    05/21/2021

Top Google Chrome Extensions for Your Windows

Google Chrome efficiency is undoubtedly good, some extensions could make the whole browsing experience much better.

Nowadays, Google Chrome is one of the most-used browsers ever. Though its efficiency is undoubtedly good, some extensions could make the whole browsing experience much better.  Chrome already has a simple UI, best performance, and the easiness of syncing with other devices. But, the presence of good extensions can offer something more.

Considering many choices of extensions, what should we start with? To help you out, we arranged some of the best Chrome extensions that you could try right away. Well, before you start downloading, you may consider something first.

Please do remember that installing extensions could make the browser a little bit slower. Pick the ones that are useful for your work, or needs. Don't install all of them at once. Even when Chrome already restricts malicious developers, you need always to be careful of what kind of extension you're about to install.

1. CrxMouse Gestures

You can further enhance your mouse functionality with CrxMouse Gestures. It simply adds some functions to your mouse, so it'll navigate the web and do other actions through shortcuts. It's a handy addition, making everything seems easy and simple.

2. FlowCrypt

Still considered one of the best extensions for digital marketing, FlowCrypt can help you out with PGP encryption to boost the Gmail experience. Now, you can save encrypted drafts, encrypting and decrypting messages, and create a password-encrypted emails for other FlowCrypt users.

3. Print-Friendly & PDF

This extension will eliminate ads, additional navigation controls, and other web junk when you're about to print a web page or an article. This way, you can effectively save paper and printing tint. Not only that, but you can also do other adjustments like letter size, save the printouts into a PDF, or complete with URLs.

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4. AdBlocker Ultimate

Ads can sometimes be annoying. With the help of Adblocker Ultimate, you won't receive any advertisements when opening a web page. Banner ads, pop-ups, or video ads will be eliminated automatically. This extension also gives users an option to able the ads in the pages they want to supports.

5. Browsec VPN

When you're browsing on Internet, you're exposed to the Internet risk. To minimize it, using VPN is highly recommended. The naturally the trusted and best VPNs for Windows are the ones that are highly trusted by their users. Browsec VPN doesn't only offer protection but also simplicity. With a touch of a button, you can be more protected when exploring the Internet.

6. Checker Plus for Gmail

Just like its name, Checker Plus for Gmail will check your messages in inbox with ease. With a click, you can view your messages without closing your current page. You can see them even without opening the Gmail app. Not only when browsing, but you can also enable this extension when the browser is not in used so that you can check your messages at any time.

7. The Great Suspender

One thing that's feared from using Chrome is the lack of memory. Some tabs can drain your memory in a blink. Great Suspender comes to eliminate this issue. It's unloading unused tabs while still retaining the title and favicon. With a click, the user can open up the tabs as quick as possible. So, with this extension, you can save up some memory while also keeping the tabs intact.

8. Papier

If you're the kind of person who likes to write down some notes when browsing, Papier would greatly help. What this extension does is basically jotting down some ideas and save them locally in your browser. It won't miss things like login, accounts, or synchronization.

It's a handy addition if you don't want to always switch to your notes between browsing sessions.

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9. Blur

With Blur, you can get everything from the password manager to credit card masker. In one convenient package, Blur will help you make passwords, and service syncs those passwords across the different gadgets.

It also offers tracker blocking, plus an anonymized credit card to mask the online purchases in the Premium version.

10. Better History

If you think the history function in Chrome isn't good enough, Better History is a thing for you. It augments the traditional history function in Chrome by adding some features, including the horizontal calendar for easier access and the expanded search tools.

11. OneNote Web Clipper

OneNote Web Clipper is the best productivity tool in Chrome. It's even better when you combine it with the Office Package. It lets you clip all the web pages for reference and edit them at once in OneNote that also provides account sync. It can also provide further customization like adjusting font, text highlights, and adding images or videos.

12. Mercury Reader

Web pages can be cluttered sometimes with all the fuzz that can decrease the readability of the article. Mercury Reader will help you reduce the surrounding clutter and advertisement for cleaner content you can easily view. It also includes social sharing, in case you also use Kindle.

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13. Privacy Badger

It's important to keep yourself private when using Chrome browser. To block all the trackers, you can use the Privacy Badger, one of the best Chrome privacy extensions. What differs it from the rest is its ability to keep the trackers' list to block and will automatically discover the new trackers on the way. It will send Do Not Track Signal to all pages within reach and block them if they ignore the request.

Once done installing, you can see the tree sliders with red, yellow, and green colors. These signals can help you to identify the domains that track you. Green signal, however, means two things. The domains, the third-party domains, may or may not track you during the browsing session.

14. Awesome Screenshot

If you tend to browse a lot, Awesome Screenshot can be a handy addition. This extension provides the tools to capture anything that happens within the web page. The saved pictures can be saved directly to any given location on the computer. You can also upload it directly to awesomescreenshot.com, in case you want to share it with somebody.

Recording web page contents and images can be easily done with a size limitation of around 2MB.


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