Importance Of Automation And Tech For Business Growth Importance Of Automation And Tech For Business Growth
News    07/15/2019

Importance Of Automation And Tech For Business Growth

Want to know how automation can help you grow your business? Follow the guide to integrate automation for producing high-quality and cost-effective products.

How Automation Helps Small Manufacturers to Grow Their Business in 2019

In the world over, small and medium enterprises combined are providing more jobs than the large corporations.

Their operations are largely manual as they may not have access to as much capital as the huge corporations. However, with the advancements in technology many small and medium entities can now automate their production process. This will help them compete with large corporations and also create more employment opportunities.

How You Can Integrate Automation

Most managers or owners of small manufacturing entities believe that automation is a preserve of the large companies.

However, this article intends to bring to show you how you can integrate automation into your seemingly small operation.

Small Industrial Robots

When most people think of robots, the image that comes to mind is that of a large factory robot made out of steel and can help lift heavy objects.

For most small companies, this idea of a robot is way out of reach. First, it may not fit in the small garage that you may be operating from. Second, it is way out reach financially. However, to produce more product and enhance the quality of your product, it is important that you start thinking about automation even at the early stages of the company.

The small industrial robot is the solution to all the automation challenges facing small and medium manufacturing entities.

What is a small industrial robot?

Small Industrial Robot

This is the question that most of you small manufacturers are asking right now. It is an actual robot that is suitable to automate production processes in a small factory. It is a lightweight robot that is highly collaborative with immense automation power for its size.

How small is it? It ranges in size from one that easily fits on the palm of your hand, to one that has a 190mm base diameter.

These are robots that are suitable to automate the production process for companies operating in constrained spaces.

Advantages of small industrial robots

Small Industrial Robots of Advantages


Unlike traditional robots, small industrial robots are highly affordable. Unfathomable as it can be, one can acquire a small industrial robot even for less than $ 1,000. This is an amount that could be much less than the initial starting capital of a small manufacturing entity.

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Occupies little space

As their name suggests, these robots do not require a lot of space. They will easily fit in any room and with only the space of an office desk, they can effectively carry out any tasks assigned to them.

In addition to requiring little space, they can be set up anywhere in the factory and can be easily moved around.

Easy to use

Small industrial robots have an easy to understand interface through which an operator can interact with the robot. They do not require advanced knowledge in programming to operate. With the user interface of a smartphone, they can be operated by anyone in the factory.

Can perform multiple tasks in the factory

To eliminate the need for multiple robots for each task, small industrial robots come with several end of arm attachments to ensure that you can use it for as many tasks as possible in your growing production entity.

Disadvantages of small industrial robots

Small Industrial Robots of Disadvantages


For most small industrial robots, it is difficult for them to lift heavy objects. The largest of these robots has a payload capacity of only 10 kg. As a result, they cannot be applied to tasks that require lifting or moving heavy objects.

Learning curve

Your employees especially those tasked with operating the robot will need some time to adopt and understand how to fully work with the robot.


As the race for automation grows, small enterprises can also get some skin into the game with the small industrial robots. They are easily available and are enabling small entities to produce high quality products. This helps them build a reputation in the market and compete effectively even with much larger enterprises.

Small and medium enterprises should adopt small industrial robots to automate as many of their production process tasks as they can.

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