How Special Fonts Help You Connect Better with an International Market How Special Fonts Help You Connect Better with an International Market
News    10/09/2019

How Special Fonts Help You Connect Better with an International Market

If you have a site that is targeted at an international market, you have to take into consideration the fact that not every country uses the same alphabet.

Some countries use a different kind of alphabet when they write and these should be what they see when they visit your site. How do you integrate special fonts like Hebrew typography, Japanese characters, and even Arabic fonts into your site?

To integrate special fonts into your site to cater to visitors from specific countries, there are design services and options you can use when you create your site. Some content management systems have such options for you to use, which will help you create location-specific pages easier.

You can also ask the help of web designers who know how to integrate these different fonts and languages into your site’s pages.

Why Special Fonts Should Be Considered

Whether you need Hebrew typography or Japanese translations to what your site contains, the reason for using these are generally the same – to give your site visitors a better experience.

There are also other reasons for using special fonts for your site, and these include the following:

Helps increase your revenue – If you have an e-commerce site and you want to target customers from other countries, having a translator that converts your content into the language of choice of your visitors can help increase sales.

This helps people from other countries understand what is written on your site, which in turn helps them find out more about the products they are interested in.This can translate into more sales and increased revenues for you.

Most internet users don’t speak or read English – Yes, you read that right. Not everyone can read in English, and sometimes, even those who do would prefer to read things in their own language.

This is why special fonts like Hebrew typography, Japanese characters, and the like are necessary for international sites.

Majority of site visitors and internet users don’t read or speak English fluently, with a staggering 74.7% of people online being more comfortable with their own language than they are of English.

Builds trust between you and your visitors – If you go out of your way to integrate other language fonts for visitors to choose when they browse your pages, you are basically telling them they are special.

This will create trust between you and them, which in turn will help your site do better in countries that use such fonts and languages.

These reasons should make you see that having special fonts for your internationally targeted site is a good idea. Not only do you cover the reasons above but you also improve local SEO, increase the number of visitors to your site, and expand your reach to other locales.

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