How to Play PubG on PC How to Play PubG on PC
News    09/08/2020

How to Play PubG on PC

There is no doubt that it is fun to play PubG game on a tablet or the smartphone but there is a different experience if you play the same game on your desktop or a laptop using the keyboard or mouse.

Recently the Government of India banned PubG game! It was one of the most popular games across the globe!

Don’t worry! There is an alternative for the same, PUBG for PC! You can enjoy playing the PuBG (Short form of Player unknown Battlegrounds) on your desktop or a laptop.

Characteristics of PubG game

The PubG game was released in 2018 and became immensely popular immediately. There were numerous features that were striking and users simply loved it. The game offered different weapons, outfits, and eye-catching visuals. It was downloaded by 100+ Million users all over the globe and also won the title of “The most popular game” on Google Play store.

How to play PubG on PC?

There is no doubt that it is fun to play Pubg game on a tablet or the smartphone but there is a different experience if you play the same game on your desktop or a laptop using the keyboard or mouse. Playing on a computer gives much smooth experience related to graphics & gameplay and also mitigates the scattered control.

The users get to see the real-time action and that too on a widescreen, this is the advantage of PubG Mobile alternative. Hence the mobile gaming enthusiasts explored a new way to play PubG on a PC or a Laptop. There are some of the emulators available like ARChon, Bluestacks, etc. that are quite popular among the users who are looking for ways of how to play PubG on PC?

Those emulators are good but PUBG mobile game is a different league together and hence you may experience the frame drops and stutters on some of the occasions. However, Tencent gaming buddy is a quiet effective emulator and helps the users to play PUBG on PC.

  • Given below are the steps to download PubG mobile on the laptop/desktop:-

  • Navigate to the Tencent gaming buddy emulator official website

  • You will have to choose the language and version in which you wish to download the emulator.

  • Post the selection of language & version, click on the download button given below it.

  • Now, you will be able to download the setup of the Tencent gaming buddy emulator.

  • Now, go ahead and install the setup. Now search and download the option of PubG mobile.

  • Once the PubG mobile is downloaded, you will be able to play the same on your PC.

How to play PubG on PC for free?

To play PubG for free on your desktop/Laptop, you may go ahead and download PubG Lite. The graphics are toned down so it makes it easy to run the game on a laptop/desktop easily without hassles. Given below is the process to download PubG lite for PC:

  • Click on this link and navigate to the PubG lite website. Click on the yellow-colored button to download PubG lite for the PC.

  • You will have to navigate to the next page. Now go ahead and click on the yellow download button.

  • Once you have downloaded the PubG lite version, open the same and enter the credentials to log into the same. You will have to create a PubG account if you do not have it.

  • Once you log into the same then click on install and this will install the PubG lite game on the local storage drive of your computer.

  • Now go ahead and start playing the PubG lite game on your Laptop/Desktop without paying a single penny.

How to play PubG on PC- Recommended system requirement to play the game.

The processor should be Intel I5 or above. The memory must be a minimum 8 GB or more. The system should at least be Windows 7 or above. Graphics should minimum be Nvidia GTX 660 or better. You can go for the PubG Lite if your PC is not that high end and you are not in the mood to invest for up-gradation.

But the PubG lite version is not that good enough with respect to the graphics quality and is not recommended if you are looking for a real experience.

Rise and fall of PubG

There is no doubt that PubG has been one of the most talked-about and the most popular games ever. It was the shooting game that could be played by numerous players. The game had multifaceted features and was developed based on the Battle Royal game.

The users collect various armors, weapons, etc., land from the parachutes, kill and survive from the enemies. There are numerous controls in the PubG game and at times it is difficult to navigate and manage the game on the smartphone using the touchscreen. Hence, playing PubG mobile alternative on the Laptop/Desktop is a great idea.


In the above article, we have mentioned the process to play PubG for PC. It becomes difficult to play the game on mobile due to various factors and control processes.

Playing the PubG game on a laptop/Desktop is a different experience as it becomes easy to navigate and play using the keyboard and mouse. For this purpose, an emulator named Tencent gaming buddy is available. You can download the same, follow the process mentioned above and start playing PubG on your PC. Playing PubG on your Laptop/Desktop is a great PubG mobile alternative.

Please feel free to ask us any queries if you have or give the suggestions in the below-mentioned box.

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