ITL Driver Updater: A Helpful Driver Update Utility Not A Virus ITL Driver Updater: A Helpful Driver Update Utility Not A Virus
News    06/05/2020

ITL Driver Updater: A Helpful Driver Update Utility Not A Virus

Are you trying to update your hardware drivers? If yes, then, here is our review for the ITL Driver Updater. Read on to know ‘Is ITL Driver Updater a virus or the best software to update PC drivers?’

We have always recommended ITL Driver Updater as one of the best driver updater software for Windows PC. But recently, we have noticed various posts on the internet claiming the software as a virus. After reading those posts, we started thinking that ‘Is ITL Driver Updater a virus or a genuine utility to update drivers?’ Hence, we have decided to review the driver updater utility and know whether it is a malicious software or a safe and legitimate driver updater.

You have to be cautious while performing a driver update. Even a little mistake can result in the complete system freeze or something worse than that as well. While updating drivers automatically, you need to be careful about the software you are using. The market is already full of malicious software. It becomes quite tough to select a genuine one. Hence, we have reviewed the ITL Driver Updater to clear all the misconceptions and help you in selecting the best driver updating software for your Windows PC.

So without further ado, let’s move on to the review and find out whether ITL Driver Updater is a virus or the best software to update device drivers.

Update Windows Drivers with the secured Driver Updating Tool

In our point of view, ITL Driver Updater is one of the most secure ways to upgrade drivers. You can safely update your drivers using it. Here are the steps that you can follow to update drivers on Windows PC without compromising with your computer’s safety.

Step 1: Install the ITL Driver Updater on your PC after downloading it from this button.

Download Now

Step 2: After installing, make the application run on your computer.

Step 3: The software then starts a scan to detect all the driver problems of your computer and provides you with a list of them.

Step 4: Now you only have to do a single click to update any particular driver on your computer. Look for it in the list and click on the Updater Now button.

Look how effortless and safe it is to update your driver via ITL Driver Updater. However, if you are the one who is new with the software, then let’s discuss more about it and its functionality.

Introduction to ITL Driver Updater and its Functionality

ITL Driver Updater is a solution to various problems and errors related to the Windows operating system. It is primarily a driver updater software but also offers various other features as well. Along with updating your drivers, the software also enhances the performance of your PC. It helps you to fix the security issues as well. 

The software works quite efficiently and effectively to fix all your problematic device drivers. You only have to launch the software, and it starts detecting the driver problems without any further command. Then you just have to pick the drivers you want to update from the list that ITL Driver Updater provides you. This is the way ITL Driver Updater works, and we haven’t seen any other driver updater working in such an effortless manner.

When it comes to updating the hardware drivers, ITL Driver Updater is exceptional. It offers one of the largest databases of device drivers. You can update any driver, from BIOS to keyboard, with this one of the best driver updating utility. Along with the database, it features some of the most advanced features for a driver updater software. Because of which most of the ITL Driver Updater reviews are quite positive. 

One more quality of this driver repair software that separates it from other alternatives is that it provides WHQL certified drivers. Some of you may not be aware of the WHQL certificates. Hence, let's discuss about this certification and its relation with device drivers.

What is WHQL certificate? Is ITL Driver Updater provides WHQL certified drivers

WHQL is a certification process of Microsoft for the quality of Windows drivers. The term WHQL stands for Windows Hardware Quality Labs. Not just device drivers, Microsoft provides WHQL certificate to the hardware and their other components as well. The basic motive for this certification is to check the compatibility of hardware, its drivers, and other hardware components with Microsoft’s Windows operating system. The devices and drivers that get certified with WHQL gets the acceptance of Microsoft to use the Windows logo in their promotion and also gets featured in Microsoft’s HCL (Hardware Compatibility List). In short, the drivers that get the WHQL certificate are tested, genuine, and reliable. 

ITL Driver Updater provides WHQL certified and assured driver updates. Hence, you do not need to get afraid about the PC malfunction after updating the driver via this best driver updating software. It is one of those qualities of ITL Driver Updater that we feel makes it unique from others.

Is ITL Driver Updater a virus or a software that is dangerous to use

First of all, we would like to answer this question. ITL Driver Updater is a 100% genuine and useful software. It is not a virus. However, a few blogs have mentioned the driver updater software as ‘ITL Driver Updater Virus’. It is completely wrong. The software offers quite premium features to update device drivers. 

We have also seen some allegations on ITL Driver Updater that they install PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) on your PC. It is also false we have tried this software on our PC and haven’t noticed any such thing. Along with this, if you still have doubts about ITL Driver Updater, then you can review its policies. Here is the link to the privacy policies of the software. Visit Here 

You can clearly see in the policies how the software and its developers use your data. There is no harm to use this driver updater tool. In fact, you can enhance your system’s performance by using it. Hence people consider ITL Driver Updater legit.

Is ITL Driver Updater safe utility for Windows PC

Talking about the safety, the driver updater software is one of the safest utility to update your device drivers. It doesn’t have any security flaws and offers only certified drivers to the users. Along with this, you can even create driver backups and restore them whenever you require. This feature helps you to switch back to the previous version of the driver if the upgraded version doesn’t get compatible with your PC.

‘ITL Driver Updater is a virus’ - It is entirely a hoax. The software doesn’t affect any of your system and security settings. It just fixes your driver issues and boosts your PCs performance. Not just safe, it is the best option for upgrading drivers on Windows. And if you still have doubts about the credibility of this driver updater program then, first of all, we advise you to read its policies and then after getting assured try it. Here is the download button.

The developers of this driver updater software are quite uncompromising with their policies and follow very consumer-friendly policies. That’s why they provide a complete refund after the cancellation. You are eligible for the 100% refund since 60 days after you have purchased the ITL Driver Updater.


Now after checking all the points that we have mentioned in our review, you can easily decide whether ITL Driver Updater is a virus or a helpful utility. We feel that it is entirely wrong to defame such a good driver updater by tagging it as a virus. After using the tool, we can sum up that it is one of the best driver updater that we have ever used.

However, if you do not trust us, then we recommend you to experience updating drivers using ITL Driver Updater on your own. The application is available for free. 

So, here we like to wind up our review. We hope that it cleared your misconceptions regarding ITL Driver Updater. Furthermore, let us know if you have any questions or feedback.


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