Importance and Uses of a Linear Actuator Door Opener Importance and Uses of a Linear Actuator Door Opener
News    04/23/2019

Importance and Uses of a Linear Actuator Door Opener

The linear actuators are special devices which were created to perform both pulling and pushing work instead of humans. Here are the Importance and Uses of a Linear Actuator Door Opener.

The innovative solutions were always appreciated by fans of technological progress. Despite the fact that electric linear actuators have long been serving to humanity and brought tons of benefits, for the majority of people words “linear actuator” still means just another unknown engineering term.

However, for those who face this automation solution in everyday life but do not guess what they actually deal with - the following text will tell you all where linear motion technology is implemented and how it can be used for the everyday life.

The linear actuators are special devices which were created to perform both pulling and pushing work instead of humans. They serve as a controlling or regulating mechanism transferring the motion force to another - executive mechanisms. In most cases, this is an electromechanical unit allowing circular or linear movements.

Thanks to this, the implementation of technological operations, testing, including simplifying the conditions of life were facilitated to the biggest possible extent. These devices were also used to perform specific tasks, for example, to carry out missions and conduct research in outer space.

Progressive Automations’ 12V actuator, for example, is quite a popular product to be used for the constructions of automated doors, hidden doors - so-called aisles.

The linear movement provided by this high-quality linear motion automation technology created prospects for designing and modeling the convenient home and office interiors. Nevertheless, not solely office doors fell under the automation tendency. Among the automated with linear actuators developments, curious minds will find such such things like swing gates, tailgates, aircraft hatches and so on.

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These projects required the implementation of heavy duty actuators relating to the frequency of use and the extensive weight of doors, hatches, and gates.

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Have you ever dreamt of making your garage doors automated? Well, if yes - now it is possible. Heavy duty electric linear actuators of Progressive Automations are capable to provide the house owner with the functionality needed to open massive and heavy garage doors.

Smooth and quiet opening of the traditional garage doors mechanism joined with the 12V linear actuator powered and controlled by the electric relay is capable to make the homeowner forget about leaving the car before and after driving somewhere. Among the main advantages of implementing electric actuators for automatic garage doors opening is the significant decrease of vibrations and noise.

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This is extremely essential for houses not made of quality materials. The smooth movement of the garage doors won’t disturb your family or neighbors anymore in the early morning when you need to drive somewhere.

However, before purchasing the electric linear actuator the homeowner has to be aware of all the main specifications of his particular case. This means that for every size and weight of the garage doors the linear actuator must be chosen appropriately.

Here are the main requirements that must be counted before making likely the most valuable engineering purchase for home convenience improvement:

  • Force - some actuators are capable to handle weights up to 70 kilograms, some - 160 kilograms, others can handle more, so the weight of the garage doors itself must be counted;
  • Length of the linear movement performed by the model of the linear actuator;
  • Duty cycle - actuators may be of 10 percent duty cycle (meaning that they can work, for example, for 2 minutes after 18-minutes rest;
  • The speed of work - different models of linear actuators work with different speed. This specification may be important for people appreciating their time and who don’t want spending it waiting in front of slowly opening garage doors.

Automatization of house garage doors is the first step towards transforming your home space into a convenient smart zone.

Lineart actuators became the irreplaceable tools in the modern fast-developing world. They can be found in various household appliances. This technology runs in automated blinds, cars’ windscreens and so on. These useful devices allow slowing numerous tasks.

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