3 Myths Which are Now Uncovered About Small Business CRM 3 Myths Which are Now Uncovered About Small Business CRM
News    05/16/2019

3 Myths Which are Now Uncovered About Small Business CRM

There are many myths about small business CRM and this article will clear all the myths. CRM has been used by businesses for decades because of its endless benefits.

It’s believed that more than half of small businesses survive their first five years, and about a third of them reach 10 years. Running a small business these days can be tricky and every entrepreneur should invest wisely in business solutions and management strategies that will prevent the business from going belly up but will help it thrive instead.

One management strategy to use is CRM (Customer Relationship Management), a system that helps businesses remain connected with their customers, streamlines processes, and enhances profits by organizing your establishment’s relationships and interactions with existing or potential customers. CRM is a tool used for contact management, sales management, productivity and to improve business relationships. It’s one of the most effective and beneficial tools to strengthen your customer foundation and development.

CRM has been used by businesses for decades because of its endless benefits. However, there are a lot of myths surrounding CRM that often affect the decision of entrepreneurs, especially if they’re small business owners. This is why it’s important to know about all the pros and cons in regards to the best CRM for small business, as well as uncovering any myths that might be floating around.  

Below are some myths debunked and uncovered to help you make the right choice:

  • Myth #1: CRM is for big businesses and corporations only:

One myth that needs to be strongly debunked is the idea that CRM is only beneficial to big businesses or corporations, and that can deter any small business from using it. However, CRM is actually extremely useful to start-ups and small businesses or any business that deals with customers. A company that aims to sell and communicate better with customers is one that can take advantage of how CRM organizes data to achieve this goal. Originally, this myth started because when CRMs first came out almost 20 years ago, they were pretty expensive and only big companies could afford them. Nowadays, CRMs cater to the needs of medium-sized and small businesses.

  • Myth #2: It’s extremely expensive to use CRM:

Back in the early days of technology, running CRM within your company would cost around $1,000 per month. And that is why it was believed only big corporations can use them because it required a ton of installation and licensing costs. However, the more technology advanced and became accessible, the cheaper CRM tools became. Today, CRM solutions are affordable with tailored packages, according to the size of your business, as prices have dramatically dropped over the years. There are even some CRM solutions available for free as a starting point for new businesses.

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  • Myth #3: CRM is complicated to use and only helps salespeople:

Another myth that needs to be updated is how many believe that CRM is a complicated system to use and you only need the help of an IT professional to use it. When CRMs first hit the business scene, they did actually require extensive training to use. However, as CRM gained momentum over the years and evolved, so did its usage. Modern CRMs are much easier to use, easier to set up and manage, and easier to learn, all through your basic web browser. Even if you get stuck on an issue, quick customer service is available to you to fix whatever issue you need.  Speaking of usage, another myth is that CRM is only used by your sales team. Actually, CRM can be used by everyone involved with customers. Be it the marketing team, business owners, or any support team involved in the sales process should be able to use CRM.

Join the evolution

CRM solutions have evolved drastically over the years, helping small and big businesses alike. As a small business owner, don’t be discouraged to use it thinking it won’t help you. CRMs have actually done wonders for up and coming businesses and their customers. It can be the core of your business garnering an unbeatable position among your customers by scaling your business and delivering top-notch customer service.


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