Proven Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Your Instagram SEO Proven Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Your Instagram SEO
News    02/12/2021

Proven Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Your Instagram SEO

Experienced digital marketers have understood the importance of having a robust presence on social media platforms like Instagram as it affects a brand’s reputation positively in the eyes of a search engine.

Instagram is known to be an additional platform for disseminating information about your brand or business. It is better to focus on more positive conversations around your specific brand name.

Instagram helps in reinforcing that by providing audiences a golden opportunity to engage and share the content relating to your brand or business, thus, making it possible for your brand to appear in the SERP on the precise topics you are having a conversation on.

Instagram is the destination to head for, as far as brands and businesses are concerned. It is a powerful social media platform with over 1 billion monthly active users. As per Neilpatel.com, Instagram SEO should be given pivotal importance by brand owners and businesses that are planning to obtain more visibility and boost engagement in terms of their Instagram posts.

However, a common concern associated with Instagram is to identify ways for promoting your brand or businesses’ content and enhance SEO rankings on Instagram that is having a reputation as an image-heavy platform.

Moreover, Instagram’s policy relating to pictures further complicates things a bit. We know that Instagram firmly believes in blocking pictures from being indexed on all search engines.

It certainly does not imply that your efforts would not pay in the long run. Instagram SEO is worth a try. You must grab all opportunities for integrating SEO into your specific Instagram activity. Let us explore some tips and tricks that would be capturing these opportunities. 

Link Your Instagram Account to Other Social Media

All online marketers who use multiple channels know that that they need to promote their Instagram accounts on other social media networks to maximize the number of viewers.

Linking your Instagram account to your accounts on other social media like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. is a convenient hand hassle-free way of communicating to your followers that you are also present on Instagram. Further, it becomes easier for you to disseminate news about events and announcements on other platforms.  

When you permit your Instagram account to access other social media profiles, a link to your Instagram account is automatically generated. Experts aptly advise that you should also connect your Instagram feed since your page on Instagram is suggested only with a clickable tab.

Users are pointed back to your profile on Instagram when you allow your Instagram account to feed your posts on Facebook or Twitter. It will also enable users, who are following you on other social media, to discover your page on Instagram and start following you. You can now buy 10 Instagram followers from a reputed digital marketing company

Keep Changing Your URL in the Bio and Location 

Instead of maintaining the same URL in your bio section, you should adopt a flexible policy and keep on changing the URL along with your posts as if it were a call to action. For example, if you are running a contest, you have the URL pointing to a special landing page for participants to provide their answers and participate in the contest.

Similarly, if you are promoting a product, you can have the link pointing to a page that provides product details, customer testimonials, and acts as a gateway to your e-commerce platform. 

By doing this, you can improve the ROI of your Instagram marketing campaign significantly. If you are a business that operates across multiple locations, it can also be a good idea to keep on rotating your location on your Instagram account to take advantage of the local search users may be performing. If you do not need to include an accurate location, you can use the field to provide more details of your product that you think would hold a special appeal to your followers.

Optimize Your Images

Instagram being a visual social media platform, it is important never to lose sight of the fact that your success on the platform is dependent on the type and quality of the images you post.

Given the very short attention span of the average user, the most important thing is to ensure that viewers can easily make out what the photo represents. Not only does this help users lookout for photos that they are more interested in but also caters to the need of Instagram to classify photos posted by users according to the type of content. 

This feature helps you to make your Instagram account more engaging by displaying the kind of content that your users have shown interest in previously, but have not viewed your account yet. It is vital to appreciate that as important as it is to keep the images clean, it does not preclude you from being innovative to make your posts interesting and eye-catching. 

Using a photo-editing app can help you to adjust the color and lighting as well as crop images to highlight the main subject. You can even create a special color scheme that synergizes with your branding and use special effects with filters to lend a very distinct look to your posts.


Optimizing your Instagram, the most powerful and versatile social media platform, for SEO may not reap rich dividends instantly. Your posts may not appear on Google’s SERP immediately, however, they boost online brand awareness, authority, and conversations necessary to get to the top of SERP rankings.

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