Perks of Becoming Microsoft 365 Certified through Microsoft MS-200 and Practice Tests Perks of Becoming Microsoft 365 Certified through Microsoft MS-200 and Practice Tests
News    05/22/2020

Perks of Becoming Microsoft 365 Certified through Microsoft MS-200 and Practice Tests

IT is a vast and ever-expanding field that extends its roots into many other sectors like health, education, business and so on. With more and more technology being developed, more and more job positions open up.

Advancing Your Career in IT

This attracts more workforce into the field of IT. Due to this, even though there are many job openings, there is high competition for jobs. So, if you want to accelerate your career in IT, you have to show whoever it may concern that you are their best choice. In other words, you have to showcase your relevant skills and the best way to do it is through a prestigious certification from some IT giants, like Microsoft, for example.

One of the most in demanded credentials from this great IT giant is the associate-level certification in Visit this Website Here Microsoft 365 for Messaging Administrator. This post covers this credential and oneof the exams required to gain it.

Microsoft AZ-301 - MS-100 - 70-480 - 70-486 - MS-900 - 70-761 VCE Pass4sure Certification Exams. Moreover, we will highlight some of the reasons why you should opt for Microsoft credentials. Let’s move on!

Microsoft Certifications

According to the new certification program, Microsoft will retire allMCSA, MCSD, MCSEbadges and their related exams on January 31, 2021, and willreplace them by the role-based credentials that can already be gained. These new badgesfall into three levels which are fundamental, associate, and expert.

What makes Microsoft certifications stand out amongst others is that they focus on developing a person’s skills depending on the intended job role. The roles they cover include Administrator, AI Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Developer, DevOps Engineer, Finance & Operational Consultant to among many. So, now let’s discuss an associate-level badgein Microsoft 365 for Messaging Administrator visit Exam-labs

Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate

The Microsoft 365 associate-level badge for Messaging Administrator prepares you for the role of a Microsoft 365 Messaging Administrator. By attaining this credential, you will be competent in deploying, configuring, managing, and monitoring messaging infrastructures. To earn this certification, you have to take two compulsory assessments. They are:

  • Exam MS-200: How to Plan and Configure a Messaging Platform
  • Exam MS-201: How to Implement a Hybrid and Secure Messaging Platform

As the focus of this article is the Microsoft MS-200 test, continue reading for its overview.

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MS-200 Exam Overview

The Microsoft MS-200 exam will be testing your skills in how to plan and configure a messaging platform. In your maintest, you can expect questions mainly from the following topics:

  • Modern messaging infrastructure management
  • Mail flow topology management
  • Recipients and devices management

If you’d like to sit for this assessment, you first have to pay an exam fee of $165. As for the details of this exam, within 150 minutes you’ll have to complete from 40 up to 60 tasks of various types. As this test is not the easiest one, you are likely to utilize qualitative and reliable resources to get ready for it. To help you, we made a short outline of such sources. Welcome to read.

Exam Dumps Are the Best Way to Prepare for Your MS-200

There are several options that you can use to prepare for the upcoming MS-200 exam. For example, you can follow the instructor-led training course offered by Microsoft to gain all the necessary content for the assessment.

This informative course is highly recommended because Microsoft is the certification vendor itself and you cannot get anything more reliable than that. But just following a course isn’t enough. You must refer to some external materials like books and videos to gain extra knowledge, too. And to get an idea about the structure of the MS-200 exam and its objectives, you can use practice tests.

Examsnap is a site that offers 100% reliable mock tests, either free or paid ones. Free practice tests are shared by the recent MS-200 exam-takers, while paid mock tests represent previous assessment questions with answers that were checked and verified by IT experts. These tests go in for just $39.99, which is ridiculously cheap.

It’s worth mentioning that all these practice tests are in the vce format, so try to make use of the VCE Player. This educational tool can help enormously because it mimics the setting of the real test, so with its help, you can see what your weak points are and which areas should be corrected.

You are free to choose from. However, as practice shows, Examsnap is sure to provide you with the trustworthy materials that will hone your skills to the tiniest details.

Benefits of Becoming Microsoft Certified

Once you’ve put a lot of effort into gaining the Microsoft credential and eventually achieved it, you can see plenty of benefits appear on your career path,like:

Polishing skills

There are times when you used to be an expert in something but with time you’ve lost touch of it. Following the course of certification will help you revive those skills.

Worldwide recognition

Microsoft credentials are recognized and accepted worldwide and most employers tend to prefer the official vendor’s certifications over any other because of the high standards Microsoft holds up to. For this reason, a Microsoft badge holder will have a better chance of standing out and getting hired.

Better positions

Getting a basic job in IT is not that tough. But if you want to go for a higher position you have to possess the skills required for such a position. Usually, such positions list certain credentials as requirements. Hence, getting yourself Microsoft accredited can give you the skills that qualify you for a better position.

Higher salary

Having more qualifications automatically makes you eligible for a higher salary. What’s more, employers would be willing to pay more in order to acquire a skilled professional in their workforce.The average messaging administrator’s annual salary equals around $68k, according to the Payscale.com.

If you are the one who is thinking of obtaining thisMicrosoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate badge, read the previous section one more time to realize all the perks of this credential. And we’re going to recap.


Having thebadge associate-level badge in Microsoft 365 for Messaging Administrator displayed in your CV is the best way to advance your career in IT. Of course, the compulsory exams, like MS-200 can be tough owing to Microsoft reputation, but if you use free and actual practice tests from Examsnap and other resources wisely, you can also excel in your forthcomingexam and enjoy all the benefits it will bring.

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