7 Proven Ways to Increase the Productivity of Mobile App Developers 7 Proven Ways to Increase the Productivity of Mobile App Developers
News    10/11/2019

7 Proven Ways to Increase the Productivity of Mobile App Developers

During the development of mobile apps, companies explore various ways to advance their users' engagement and experience.

As a result, they focus more on the app's performance, usability, functionality, accessibility, and security. Also, the companies find ways to advance the apps time-to-market to conquer the competition. 

Well, this will only be achieved if enterprises advance their app developers' productivity. A company can develop the productivity of mobile app developers by implementing these practices.

What do mobile app developers do?

A mobile app developer is simply a software engineer whose duties are to create, test, and program apps for phones.

App developers do also understand the coding languages and their uses. These people can work closely with data scientists, graphic designers, and other software engineers.

Moreover, mobile app developers test and also fix bugs found in apps before their products are launched. Also, the mobile app developers should have analytical skills, be creative and technical skills, among others.

How can enterprises make mobile app developers more productive?

Here are a few ways through which enterprises can make their mobile app developers more productive.

  • Create a rough wireframe in advance

When customizing a mobile app, developers should be aware of what is needed. Again they will need a range of information so as to write a functionality or a feature correctly.

To gain that, therefore, a company will work to enhance developers' productivity by making it possible for them to access the necessary information promptly.

What options are there to achieve this? The company will build a rough wireframe just before coding commences. Now, the wireframe is supposed to behave as a robust blueprint of the custom app.

Hence, the developers refer to the wireframe in order to understand the particular functionality and usage of the app. Additionally, the wireframes make it possible for developers to network with other shareholders in the project.

  • Contemplate MVP concept

Nowadays, mobile app users abandon their mobile apps after a single-use. Therefore companies need to find ways to engage and retain their users through making apps give different functionalities as well as fresh content more often.

Therefore, companies are considering developing mobile apps with important features with minimal functionality.

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The MVP (minimum viable product) concept will, therefore, help developers unveil mobile apps faster, hence make developers productive. The developers will be paying more attention to the bare minimal functionalities of the handset app.

Therefore, it will be easy for them to customize the mobile app in a short period. With that, the app developers will be adding new feature s per the feedback given by their users.

  • Start using new toolkits

App development is ever-changing. But, google and apple keep providing a new tool for developers to help them build new apps and at the same time, update the existing ones.

Therefore, app developers should take advantage of these new toolkits and fasten mobile app growth. Further, the tools and frameworks help developers update and create apps promptly per the latest trends.

  • Switch to modern programming languages

Some mobile operating companies allow their developers write native apps in different languages. As a result, the developers are able to keep their source code for the apps concise and maintainable by switching to modern languages.

An example would be, writing iOS apps in swift, instead of writing in Objective-C, to avoid writing extra code. These modern programming languages make it possible for developers to factor in functionality to the system.

Unlike in conventional programming, where developers write longer lines of code — hence making the app code maintainable and readable.

  • Do test the app early and continuously

Developers always invest their time and effort to repair mistakes found on their mobile apps during testing. Though, they can get this done faster if the bugs were discovered during coding. A company will make its developers productive if they can test the apps early and continuously.

  • Make good use of robust third-party tools

Currently, most app developers are using web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5 to produce different types of cross-platform mobile applications.

Unknown to them, cross-platform apps are not able to deliver personalized mobile user experience by accessing the major mobile platforms and devices. Therefore, developers need to put more effort and time to improve user experience.

To make it possible, developers need to use robust tools such as Xamarin. This tool makes it possible for developers to make one app available on Android, iOS, as well as Windows Mobile platforms with a shared and single code base. 

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  • Embrace agile methodology

Companies can strive to make their mobile app developers by adopting the Agile Methodology. Because it will enable them to develop an app in sprints. Meaning, they can market the app with minimum functionality and features, and after launching, they keep on increasing functionality consistently.

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