New Quiz Stickers for Instagram Stories – All You Need to Know New Quiz Stickers for Instagram Stories – All You Need to Know
News    04/29/2019

New Quiz Stickers for Instagram Stories – All You Need to Know

Instagram recently released a new update in which users can now put quiz stickers on their Instagram stories. In this feature, users can even ask MCQs to followers.

Sneak Peek at the New Quiz Stickers for Instagram Stories

Instagram is undeniably one of the most popular social media platforms; always bringing something new to the table to help users capture and share the world’s best moments with a massive audience.

To make Instagram more useful, the social media giant has introduced a new interactive ‘Quiz Sticker’ feature in its stories that allow users to ask multiple-choice questions to their friends and followers.

Unlike the previous Instagram poll sticker, which enables your followers to ask you a question, this new Quiz Sticker feature turns the table and puts you in charge of a trivia-style multiple-choice question that your followers and friends can answer.

When one of your friends “votes” on your quiz, they’ll be able to see what the right answer is after they have made their choice – and you’ll be able to track what the most popular choice was even if it was incorrect.

To do so, view the story and swipe up to see how many votes each option received and how each person answered.

Similarly, Snapchat users can create custom polls and quizzes on Snapchat using Polly app to see how well their followers and friends know them.

So, if you are addicted to Snapchat, you can always find nearby Snapchat users to know what your Snapchatters are thinking!

Ready to start quizzing to know what your friends really think about you?

Here’s everything you need to know about new quiz stickers for Instagram Stories:

How to Use the New Interactive Quiz Sticker for Instagram Stories?

To get started, simply tap the Stickers tab on the top of the interface once you’ve taken a picture or video in the Instagram Stories camera.

Next, among the list of stickers, select the Quiz option in the tray, give your quiz a name and then write out your questions and customize the answer choices – you can add up to four (or as few as two) possible answers.

Customize Your Question And Answers

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The “right answer” will be highlighted green.

Users can also customize the quiz with different color options such as purple, pink, orange, red, and many more.

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View the Results of the Quiz

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Once, you’re finished, simply share the quiz in your Instagram Stories and see which of your followers answer correctly!

So, this is how the new quiz sticker works, isn’t it simple? Using Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker is a user-friendly, free and easy way to increase engagement with your followers! This interactive feature is available now to both Android and iOS users.


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