RAM vs Graphics Card: Which Will Improve Gaming Performance Better? RAM vs Graphics Card: Which Will Improve Gaming Performance Better?
News    09/03/2021

RAM vs Graphics Card: Which Will Improve Gaming Performance Better?

Achieving optimum performance for your gaming PC revolves around several factors. Among the essential ones include installing sufficient RAM and using a modern graphics card.

Achieving optimum performance for your gaming PC revolves around several factors. Among the essential ones include installing sufficient RAM and using a modern graphics card. The two approaches play a significant role in boosting the overall performance since each has a way it influences the operating system.

The Significance of Sufficient Ram in A Gaming PC 

For every computer to operate, it requires temporary storage, RAM for frequently needed data. Do not confuse RAM for the hard disk as these two are different in operation, despite both serving as storage locations. A PC accesses information in the RAM frequently and more quickly than it does to the hard drive. 

Having sufficient RAM on your PC leaves ample memory for gaming after allocating space to other tasks. That way, the operating system functions well when running critical operations. It enhances the ability of a computer to multitask and run high-demand programs.

While boosting the RAM capacity makes the computer run faster, some factors need further attention. For example, running computer games comes with other demands that your computer must meet.

Adding more RAM to your computer does not give you leeway to install and play critical games and other high-demand programs. It does not solve incompatibility for a computer that was unable to run particular software before. However, it is an ideal approach to make the PC more reliable in terms of speed. 

Perhaps your PC performs well in other areas, but you need faster execution. Increasing the RAM size is a wise idea in such a case. You can achieve this by adding sticks to the existing ones or replacing low-capacity memories with higher-capacity ones. 

The Impact of a Reliable Graphics Card

Installing a high-quality graphics card is a brilliant way to prepare your computer for rigorous gaming.  At Boost Hardware they told us that the PC is reliable for gaming once a modern graphics card merges with sufficient RAM. It allows programs to run faster and reduces the chances of your computer hanging or crushing. 

If your computer fails to run particular programs, such as games, the answer to this is a modern graphics card. Old cards cannot support modern technology used in computer games and other programs. So, shopping for a high resolutions card is the way to go.

A high-quality graphics card comes at a cost. However, it is worth the sacrifice since it is a one-time investment. Graphics cards are not vulnerable to wear and tear, and you can use them for a long time. It is advisable to inspect compatibility before purchasing a new card or any other component.

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So, Do You Need a Graphics Card or More Memory?

Since both play a significant role in improving performance, your intended use can help you decide what you need most. The level of computer usage can also determine what needs an upgrade. Some situations require you to invest in both approaches. 

You need more RAM and a better graphics card if your computer runs games and other programs daily. However, if you want to dedicate your computer to gamming only, prioritize installing a higher graphics card. Upgrade your memory if you currently have a lower capacity since some games demand more space to execute. 

Whether you choose to upgrade your memory or graphics card, the computer will experience a new state, becoming more reliable in particular ways. None of the two options can reduce the reliability of your computer. So, your choice and your budget limits will determine your most appropriate approach.

When A Memory Upgrade Is Necessary 

The amount of RAM needed on your PC depends on the nature of work and the programs you run. Primary tasks such as surfing the internet and preparing documents do not require too much memory. However, a gaming computer must have enough memory to avoid slow operation. If you do more than gaming, the demand for more memory is likely to go higher to support multitasking.

A computer with insufficient memory can be annoying when running programs such as games. Common issues include error messages prompting you to install more memory and slow performance. Such a computer hangs or crashes when you multitask.

Gamming with a low memory causes the computer to lag, making it hard to make progress on your game. In worse-case scenarios, the system lockup, forcing you to unplug the power since nothing seems to respond. Insisting to continue playing games on such a computer leaves it vulnerable to severe damages, some of which are irreversible. 

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It is time to add memory sticks on your computer if it starts hanging or freezing whenever you run your games. If you recently upgraded your memory but the symptoms continue to show, scan other issues beyond RAM capacity. Check if your operating system and other programs are up-to-date, as this may cause problems too.

When You Need To Go For a Better Graphics Card

As gaming technology continues to advance, the demand for powerful graphic cards has gone higher. You need to change your GPU if you notice that your PC can’t run the latest games smoothly. If your memory is enough, the only explanation is that your graphics card is unable to handle the new game. However, confirm whether the PC can run other programs properly.

If your current graphics card is failing, the only remedy is to replace it. If your PC has been running games reliably but has started acting up, chances are your GPU is not up to the task. Check if your display glitches when playing video games and invest in another graphics card.

Look for frequent blue screen errors whenever you run a video game or other high-demand program. A weak graphics card can result in this error, and the best option is to install a better one. However, several other aspects can lead to a blue screen error. It is advisable to investigate and ascertain the undelaying cause. 

In conclusion, a gaming computer is only reliable if you have sufficient RAM and a high-performing graphics card. The need for a better GPU or more memory depends on factors like the current state of the PC and its intended use.


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