Reasons Why the Contemporary Database Managers Should Use Hadoop Reasons Why the Contemporary Database Managers Should Use Hadoop
News    07/29/2019

Reasons Why the Contemporary Database Managers Should Use Hadoop

Want to manage and analyze large volume data? Here’s all you need to know about Hadoop which can help you read or interpret the collected data in a more accurate manner.

Hadoop has been recognized as a powerful data analytics tool, which is effective when large size of data needs to be managed or analyzed. This tool has a lot of advantage.

For a business, database management and data analytics are considered as important stages of business success. An organization that reads or interprets the collected data in a more accurate manner will stay on the verge of high percentage success.

For data analytics process, Hadoop can be considered as a powerful as well as a crucial database platform. Choosing this platform can help a business in different ways. The benefits are discussed in the following section of this article.

Advantages of Using Hadoop

1. Hadoop Is Quite Inexpensive

Hadoop is a powerful platform, and it is quite extensively used by many businesses for the betterment of their business data analytics process. The major benefit of Hadoop is that it is completely inexpensive. When it compared with other similar platforms, it has been found cheaper.

The cost per terabyte to implement Hadoop is extremely cheaper than per terabyte implementation cost of other platforms. So, what is the reason behind the low expense of implementation of the Hadoop platform for database handling? Well, the major reason is that Hadoop relies on commodity hardware.

Other similar platforms have to be implemented with robust hardware infrastructure. For Hadoop, there is no such requirement. As a result, it suits businesses that have low capital to invest in the database management process.

Cost-effectiveness is an important aspect of business management. Cutting down the cost of database management can help a business to gain high profitability at the end of the financial year. However, at the same time, no business would want to compromise with the quality and performance of the business data analytics.

It is important for every business today, as without analyzing the data businesses cannot make crucial choices or decisions. To fit such requirements or demands of the business owners, especially when both cost-effectiveness and seamless performance prevail, Hadoop has been preferred by the business owners.

2. An Active Open Source Community

Apart from cost-effectiveness, Hadoop has many other benefits to feature. Among those benefits, an active open source community is a highlighted benefit of Hadoop. To understand the benefit, we need to understand the mindset of the business owners in the first place. Every business owner or top-level manager wants to invest in the software which will stay relevant for a long time. Investing in software which would not remain active as well as effective after a certain time is considered as a bad investment.

The best part about Hadoop is that it is an active open source community. That means it gets updated quite frequently. There are hundreds of committers and developers associated with Hadoop. They contribute many important things to this open-source framework for database planning as well as management.

So, in the long run, Hadoop will not lose its relevance in any way. So, if you are using this database framework for data analytics, you do not have to worry about its relevance in the future. It will stay perfectly relevance in different conditions, and it will keep getting enriched with the contributions from the contributors.

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3. Hadoop Is Accepted by Different Businesses

Depending upon the nature of the business, different businesses have to deal with different kinds of data. Dealing with data is not an easy thing, but it can get easier with the use of Hadoop. It was introduced in the 1980s, and since then it has been working as an integral part of the relational database technology of different organizations.

From small scale to large businesses, everyone can reap the benefits of seamless data analytics through Hadoop. According to the Broad census and survey report, Most of the Fortune 500 companies opt for Hadoop for managing their data. The flexibility of this platform is impeccable.

4. Hadoop Is Easily Scalable

With the advent of time, data tends to grow for an organization, and it is quite a natural thing. Growing data will require more space for accommodation. The benefit of using Hadoop can also be noted at this stage, as Hadoop is a completely scalable platform. Scalable means you can scale to fit your requirements.

As per the size of the data you have, the platform size can be customized. Scalability helps the businesses to keep their data without any issues. The data analytics department of a business will find no issues in finding all the business data at one platform, as soon as scalability is there.

Traditional Tools Easily Integrate with Hadoop

It has been seen that various traditional tools can easily integrate with Hadoop. So, compatibility is a big factor here. With many data analytics tools, you would find different tools are not compatible. With Hadoop, you shall get seamless compatibility. It fetches you excellent compatibility with various tools that are discussed below.

  • Various common and advanced business analytics tools are compatible with Hadoop.
  • Statistical analytics tools are used commonly by the analytics department of a business. Hadoop is compatible with all major statistical analytics tools.
  • Data integration tools are often used by the analytics department of a business. These tools are compatible with Hadoop.

Storing Data in Different Formats

When it comes to data analytics, different kinds of data are needed to be analyzed as well as interpreted. This is why analytics platform should be compatible with different kinds of data formats. In most of the cases, analytics tools show compatibility with a few specific kinds of data. But, Hadoop is different in this regard.

It comes with various data format compatibility. As a result, the process of data analytics will become easier. Storing data with perfection is the most important thing.

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Complex Analytics with Ease

Hadoop is a platform for advanced business data analytics. It can deal with the large size of data. It can deal with different kinds of data. So, complex data analytics will get easier with the use of Hadoop. This is an advanced as well as an effective platform to read and analyze data with perfection. This is why business owners or managers prefer Hadoop for data interpretation.

Stay in touch with us to know more about Hadoop. You can check out with the experts at RemoteDBA.com to how contemporary database management has become an important element of business houses.

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